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Thread: New pool questions

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    New pool questions


    I just had a new 18x33 Marada installed got the deck adjusted from the intex soft side we had before and it's full of water.The question is there are NO instructions on vacuuming none.The filter is a 2hp 2 speed 125 sq ft cartridge no hoses solid plumbing.A shut off on the return and intake.Questions there is a round disk that looks like it would fit over the skimmer basket and it has a place that looks like you can connect the vac hose,do you remove the basket? what speed 1 or 2 since it is a cartridge seem to be no way to vac to waste etc.I guess thread the hose thru the skimmer flap. Any tips or suggestions.

    Also with this new water pool I tested ph and cl no noticable cl and low ph from another post I read I'm assuming no CYA I have a taylor test kit so I can test I have I think around 14000 gallons so would a quart of dry stabilizer and a few jugs of bleach get me started the remote watertemp says 68 (best thing i ever bought) so I have a while to get balanced before we swim. My15 month old g-son had to be tied he was ready to swim.Thanks for any help..

    ps how do I adjust my profile to indicate my new pool?

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    Re: New pool questions

    The round disk is a vacuum plate for the skimmer. You are correct in that you simply put that in the skimmer over the spot where the skimmer basket is and connect your vacuum hose to it. It's best to leave the skimmer basket in there as that keeps you from sending debris directly to the pump strainer, risking a clogged pipe. You do route the hose through the wier (skimmer flap). You may have a little L shaped adapter that goes between your vac hose and the vacuum plate to allow the vac hose to go through the skimmer opening without kinking.

    Vacuum on the high setting on your pump. It works better that way. You are also correct in that you cannot vacuum to waste with a cartridge filter.

    Use the Pool Calculator (link in my signature line) to calculate all of your chemical additions. Yes, you do need to get some chlorine and stabilizer in there as soon as possible.

    What kind of test kit do you have? It should be able to test for FC, CC, pH, TA, and CYA. CH is really not a big deal with an AGP unless you have a heater.
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    Re: New pool questions

    To adjust your signature: Go to User Control Panel, top left, then Profile, then Edit Signature.
    Enjoy your new pool!
    (make sure you prime your vac hose before you attach it to the vac plate or you won't have suction.
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    Re: New pool questions

    Thanks to both of you for the quick responses I love this site

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    Re: New pool questions

    If cleaning your pool with the vac plate as suggested above I would spend the extra $30 or less to get a leaf canister that goes "inline" about 1/2 way down the hose. It will really prevent about 90% of that debris from even reaching your skimmer basket in the first place and make it easier to clean out - instead of dissembling the vac plate and dumping the basket, you just dump the canister. Well worth it once you use it, you will be glad you have it.
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    Re: New pool questions


    NWMNMom where would I locate such.pool store --online suppose any favorite brand

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