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Thread: removing pool liner to repair bottom

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    removing pool liner to repair bottom

    Hello Everyone -

    I have an above ground pool that's been up for 2 years. I had some sand washout under the liner and a section of the sand cove. I added a "french drain' around the pool to stop this from happening again. I just purchased Perfect Bottom and foam cove to help if I do get some more water flow under the liner. I have a 54" 25 mil unibead liner. I know the best thing to do is replace this but.... should I be okay, draining the pool over night and repairing the bottom, installing the Perfect Bottom and Cove and reinstalling the liner. I don't think the liner will be out of the water for 10 hours. I have heard many pool companies will do a quick repair under a liner by draining and pulling the liner back then putting the liner right back.

    Thoughts? Might I be able to pull it off?



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    Re: removing pool liner to repair bottom

    Given it's not that old, if the liner didn't have to stretch to fit, you might be ok., Your right on the edge, time wise and liner age wise. Don't fly solo though. Have extra hands & screw drivers to put the rails back.

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    Re: removing pool liner to repair bottom


    I hope to have the liner out much less than 10 hrs but this should be worst case. I don't think it stretched much at all during the initial installation. Will keeping it in the shade and spraying it with the hose while occasionally help? I guess it can't hurt.

    Also, about how long does it take to empty a 54" 15x30 pool? I can use my pool pump and drop a vacuum line in the pool and run the backwash hose for waste. I guess this would take a few hours. The other method is to use a submersible sump type pump and run it over night. I don't know how long each will take so that I can have an empty pool the next morning so I can get right to work.

    Any thoughts?


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    Re: removing pool liner to repair bottom

    If you use both the pool pump and a sub-pump you can get it drained in half the time. How quickly depends on the size of the sub-pump - what the gph rating it is.
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    Re: removing pool liner to repair bottom

    I'm at work now so I don't have the gpm for the sump pump, but I just looked up my pool pump. It is a Waterway 2 hp high flow pump. That said, it shows 150 gpm at 5ft of head. Am I correct in the following logic? I'm going to put this pump on the pool deck. I'll attache a hose to the intake and put it into the pool, which is about 4 feet. Then run the discharge hose off the deck, across the patio and down the driveway. The only real head involved is the 54" pool wall height. So, can I expect a little less, say 130-140 gpm?

    Then since the pool is 15 x 30 and it's only filled to the return at this point, because it's in winter mode, there is roughly 48" of water in the pool. This works out to roughly 9,293 gallons. So, 9,293 gallons / 130gpm = 72 minutes to drain the pool or around 1hr 10 mins. Is this about right? sounds really fast to drain the pool.


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    Re: removing pool liner to repair bottom

    Aren't you also going to have to have some time to redistribute the sand and or even remove some if you are putting in happy bottom and cove? I would assume there was additional sand to create the cove, which adds up to a lot. We are replacing our liner in a couple weeks and also going with a bottom and cove where we had sand before - there will have to be sand removed and a reasonable amount of time to get the remaining sand smooth and ready for the bottom application. Just wondering if you are figuring the time that will be needed for that as well. Every hour without water is time that the old liner is shrinking and becoming brittle - but the Unibead liners are made to "fit" rather than really stretch in too much so that is always a bit of a saver there. We prefer them as well so know how nicely they go in. Good luck.
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