This is for an in-ground pool-spa combo. I've had a leak for a while, I've traced it via dye tests to a spa jet. It only leaks when the spa jets are off, when the pump is running it does not leak. I've had the spa on all day for swim parties with no leakage, but can lose several inches in an hour with the pump off. When I plug all the jets and turn off the valve to the jets, no leaks. So, I think it's in the air intake section of one specific jet. Each jet has it's own air intake, 3/4" pvc coming up through the concrete around the spa.

Today I sawed and chissled about a foot square around the air intake, and dug down. I had expected the jet underneath the air intake, but instead found an elbow in the air intake pipe, headed towards the spa. So the jet is closer to the spa than I had hoped. The deck was 4" concrete and then dirt below. As the pipe heads horizontally towards the spa, it is embedded in more concrete. This un-expected concrete is the problem leading to my questions:

1) How close is the jet generally installed to the spa wall?
2) Is the jet usually encased in concrete or dirt?

I can dig more, but if the whole thing is going to be encased in concrete I'm not sure how much I can get to without damaging other stuff. I'm using an electric breaker hammer on the concrete. I don't want to get too close to the spa wall with this thing.

I realize every pool can be different, but if I have a "standard" pool, how is this area generally constructed? I'll take any other advice anybody wishes to give as well.

Thanks, Larry