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Thread: Greeting from Gilbert, AZ

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    Greeting from Gilbert, AZ

    Oh man, what a great web site. My first post. I tried putting my trust in the local pool store guy. Thought he would take care of me.

    I took my pool water over to the pool store guy. Asked him to check my salt. He tells me that my salt was at 2500 ppm. He says I need to add salt. I told him that I used AquaCheck strips and they indicated 5090 ppm. So, he completely immerses an AquaCheck strip (against explicit AquaCheck instructions saying that would invalidate the test). After about a minute he pulls it out. It’s at level 1. He says, “See you’re wrong. It’s not that high.” I said, “The bottle says level 1 is like 800 ppm. You’re now telling me that my salt level is 800 ppm? You just threw it in – that invalidates the test.” He says, “Oh, don’t worry about that. I’ve been doing this for a long time, sir.”

    (Another pool store, same company, told me my salt was at 3800 ppm. Above 3400 ppm which is optimal for my IntelliChlor IC40).

    Then he checks my TA. I didn’t ask him to do the test he just did it. I had done it myself multiple times and it always comes in around 70-80. During the test, he is in a hurry. I know that he is supposed to add drops of R-0009 to measure the TA. He doesn’t add drops. It is more of a continuous stream of R-0009. He tells me that my TA is 120. I challenge him on this and tell him that it is more like 70-80. He says, “Nope. It’s high. It’s 120.”

    He tells me that I need to shock the pool and a bunch of other questionable things. I can’t trust anything he says. Absolutely ridicules. So, I just leave. I’ll never go back to that store.

    That’s when I realize that I have to take care of myself.

    Sorry for the length of the above. Just needed to vent to somebody that would understand and it’s just my way of saying “Hi” and I am glad I found you guys.
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    Re: Greeting from Gilbert, AZ

    Thanks for posting such a detailed account of what you experienced. We've been saying that pool store results can be highly inaccurate and your post shows some of the ways that happens.
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    Re: Greeting from Gilbert, AZ

    Welcome to TFP!

    Yes, we will steer you right on things and don't have a sales agenda. You have come to the right place.

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    Re: Greeting from Gilbert, AZ

    Sounds like what I experienced a few days ago.

    I will say that I do not trust those Aquacheck strips, at all! evenm if the test is done correctly. They always read way too high when I've used them.
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    Re: Greeting from Gilbert, AZ

    I just go to the pool store when they have the best price on something I need, which is almost never.
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