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Thread: Aboveground Zodiac SWG for a inground application

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    Aboveground Zodiac SWG for a inground application

    Hi new guy to the forum here so excuse me if this has been asked before. I have a line on a very gently used SWG that is for a aboveground application max of 60000 L. I have an inground kidney that is about approx 55000 L and was thinking of using the above ground SWG for the ingound application. I am currently using a chlorine setup and getting tired of constant tinkering.

    The electrical part is not an issue as I would hardwire the Generator into the pump switch. I guess my ? is am I crazy for thinking of doing this or is possible rum it without complications. The max of the generator is close to the pool size so I'm wondering if I will overtax the system or not have good results.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: Aboveground Zodiac SWG for a inground application

    The generator won't care if your pool is in-ground, on-ground, or floating in the air! Equipment marketed for above ground(floating?) pools a lot of the time is not designed for "permanent" installation (hard wiring/plumbing) and is sometimes easier to use because they assume you can DIY. Not to say that inground pool equipment is not for the capable DIY'er, but marketers seem to assume(insert joke here) that IG owners are willing pay a premium for the equipment and installation of "permanent" "IG" labeled stuff. Lots of us use "off-label" applications.
    What you want to look at with a ECG is the chlorine production capabilities of the cell; lots of cells sold are used in both IG and AG model ECGs. Knowing how much chlorine your pool usually demands will help pick the right size ECG cell for the amount of time that you want/need to run your pump, the pool sizes that are "suggested" by the OEM may be based on 24/7 pump runs!
    Good Luck, and Best Wishes!
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    Re: Aboveground Zodiac SWG for a inground application

    Thanks for the response. I was under the same impression as to igp vs agp labelling. At the end of the day its still pool water whether above or inground. As for the plumbing and electrical that is not a problem. The run time for the pool will be basically 12 on and 12 off as thanks to our local municipality we are soon to be on Electrical smart meters for the household so night time will be running of choice for the pool equip.

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