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Thread: Opened my filter for first time today

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    Opened my filter for first time today

    I have been battling a cloudy pool, so this morning I opened my filter to see if it was "channelled". Being very honest, I do not know what "channelled" looks like, but was hoping that I would aleast be able to see if there was clumping. So, as suggested by another poster, I first looked in - didn't see anything too abnormal - some lighter colored fine substance on top of the sand, but not an enormous amount. So then I took the water hose- with water running - and began to allow the tank to fill and run over. Then I gently worked the tip of hose into the sand. That is when really yukky water began to come out of the center tube in the tank. I would leave the hose in place until the water from the center pipe would clear, then move the hose to another spot. Each time leaving it in place until it cleared. In most places, the hose easily slipped into the sand bed, but in some places it met resistance. I worked around inside the tank until the water ran fairly clear, no more "yukky" spots found and the sand was easy to slip into all around. Was my filter channelled?
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    Re: Opened my filter for first time today

    Sounds like it was clumped and it could have been channelled. You most likely did it a lot of good by doing what you did. Removing the trash and fluffing and resettling the sand.
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    Re: Opened my filter for first time today

    Quote Originally Posted by MOM&POP DIY
    Being very honest, I do not know what "channelled" looks like,
    I'm not having problems with my filter but I too have been curious as to what the channels look like. I've never had the top off my filter (only had it one season so far).

    I've also been curious as to how high the sand should be. They say you lose some during backwashing.

    So I have been trying to search for pics inside the filter to see what channels look like and also the level and can't find any.
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    Re: Opened my filter for first time today

    I saw one before that was a great example and I can't find it now. I wonder if it was removed by the poster...
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    Re: Opened my filter for first time today

    For some reason, I'm thinking those pics were under the "hand grenade" guys post which I can't find anymore.
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