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Thread: remote lights not working

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    remote lights not working

    had the pool opened this week and we have a remote wireless controller for the pool lights. My wife tells me when I get home that she has to go to the pool company to get a new battery for the remote. First of all I tell her that she can get a battery anywhere but there as they will charge a rediculous amount for it. She told me the lights turned on when they tested it but would not turn off. I have to seriously wonder about the inteliigence of the pool guy to say it was the battery if the lights turned on.

    They had unplugged the lights to turn them off by the pumps. I plugged it back in and the lights popped on. I then got the remote and clicked it and I could hear a slight clicking sound coming from the controller on the wall. I called my wife over and did it again. I said "do you hear that?" she said yes ..what is it? I told her it is the controller for the lights and I am using the remote to make the sound, so the pool guys couldn't figure out that problem?

    Is it me or is everyone a complete idiot in the pool industry?

    Now I have to call them back to look over the controller box and figure out why the lights dont turn off.... I'm sure it is something very minor although it will probably take the better part of the season for them to figure it out.

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    Re: remote lights not working

    Quote Originally Posted by gabagoo
    Is it me or is everyone a complete idiot in the pool industry?
    I know i'm an idiot....

    Can you kill the power to the controller without killing the power to the lights? To see if the relay is sticking.
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    Re: remote lights not working

    The remote neither turns them on or off. Ijust hear a clicking sound coming from the controller box. I checked the circuit breaker and reset it still nada.

    It's only our 2nd year so I find it hard to believe that it has terminated so fast.

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    Re: remote lights not working

    I think Pool Clown is on the right track. Since you hear a clicking that indicates that the relay is operating and the issue appears to be with the contacts of the relay sticking. While not completely common it happens often enough. If you're familiar with working on electrical equipment you can open the enclosure and operate the remote and see if the relay that's clicking is the one that operates the lights. If you're NOT familiar with working on electrical equip then by all means call someone who is! Don't get yourself hurt or worse!
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