I just found this forum and I thought I might try to get some feedback on my little project.

I have a home that was built in 1969 with a pool in the exposed basement. the room is approx 660 square feet with 330 of that being pool. The big question I have is cost of the HVAC system. The system that we have come up with is a Broan 700hrv and a Burnahm E528 boiler. The boiler would supply hot water for the in floor radiant heat, heat the pool water through a shell and tube heat exchanger and supply domestic hot water.

The cost of the Materials only that I was quoted is:

Boiler system = 6,474.12
In floor Heat = 2,547.87
Domestic Hot Water = 3,433.41
Pool heat exchanger = 2,265.38
HRV System = 12,365.64

Grand total = 27,086.42

The HRV system includes PVC lined 12" pipes for all the ducting in the floor.
This does not include any of the concrete work around the pool. This is material only. When I try to nail him (I'll call him the HVAC Guy) down on labor he wont commit to a price. I even asked if he would commit to 15K for labor and he wouldn't. This doesn't include anything to do with the pool. That would be handled by another guy. I'll refer to him as the pool guy
The other problem is the HVAC guy is very unreliable. My neighbor knows him as a friend and said she wouldn't hire him because he is just plain lazy.

So far the HVAC guy has removed the concrete around the pool and dug down about 3 feet for the duct work. I told him that I will pay him for the time he has into the job so far but I need to think about it.
When I started the initial guess from the pool guy (not the HVAC guy) was 25-30k. The last time we meet, the pool guy and the HVAC guy, they estimated 20K for HVAC and 20k for the pool guy. Now I'm at 45k just for the HVAC.

Does this sound like a fair price? Is it worth it? Am I making to much of the escalating cost and the lack of commitment to labor cost? I would think a guy in the business would be able to ballpark a figure.

I think I will get some more quotes. The neighbor has a few names she will give me.

Sometimes it just feels good to vent!!!!