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Thread: Crack in pool wall

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    Crack in pool wall

    I have a crack in the pool wall that is about six inches long from the top of the tile. The crack is less than 1/8 inch thick. I have used pool putyy to repair it several times but eventually kit opens again. What is the best way to prevent a crack from moving back open? I saw a product, don't remember the name, in which you drill a hole on each sice of the crack, place a bar and tighten the bollts to a certain torque. Any ideas.
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    Re: Crack in pool wall

    I have several cracks also. I had a service rep check it out with dye and not leaking out of pool. Cracks run from tile to floor bottom in 4-5 locations. Not sure what to do from here.
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    me also
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    Re: Crack in pool wall

    There is a company i use that does an epoxy injection to fill in the cracks.. They say it will never open back up if it does they'll fix it for free... I have one that was done 12 years ago and haven't had issues with it yet.. Check with a leak detection company of a concrete company to see if they know anybody in your area that does epoxy repair..

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    Re: Crack in pool wall

    There are lots of causes for these cracks. Here are some of them:

    Heavy clay content in the soil. If the pool was dug during a drought, the clay will have shrunk. When the drought broke, the clay absorbed moisture and swelled, creating pressure in the opposite direction the shell was meant to hold.

    Pool build on fill. The fill settles and the pool loses support.

    Pool built on a slope without special engineering proper done. The ground slides away and the shell loses support.

    Insufficient water in the gunite mix used to form the shell or if shotcrete was used, the mix was mixed too long ago. These usually result in a crumbly mix and it's caught early, usually before plaster. Sometimes rewetted trimmings and rebounded material gets used too and creates weak spots.

    If you are the original owners of these pools, notify the builder. Most builders offer a lifetime warranty on the shell.

    Check to see if the water line is even across the tile line.

    You may need a soils engineer's report to tell you about the supporting soil conditions and how to stop the condition from causing further damage.

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