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Thread: Slipperty Tile - How to roughen up?

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    Slipperty Tile - How to roughen up?

    I am on the board of directors for a new condo development that has a pool that has what we call the beach area. That simply means the entry to the pool is a very gradual slope. I would guess it is about 15 degree grade, 20 feet wide and extends into the pool 20 feet before leveling off and then stepping down. The pool is done entirely in vitreous (glass) tile and someone slips almost daily. It is only a matter of time until someone is seriously injuried.

    We have explored coating the tile with a clear epoxy like material that contrains an abrasive material but either it fails when it is in chlorinated water or it yellows so badly it is unacceptable. I am going to take some samples this afternoon to be sandblasted but have my doubts that will work. Another suggesting is to wash it with muriatic acid which I will try as well but don't believe it will have an effect on the tile at all.

    I have found tile with a rougher finish we could replace the existing tile with but the cost is prohibitive.

    Any suggestions at this point would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Slipperty Tile - How to roughen up?

    The website has a variety of products that might work.
    18X36' 25000 gal Jacuzzi vinyl Inground Pool (1985) with resin sidewalls, newer Jacuzzi 1 hp two-speed pump and sand filter. Raypak propane heater, Rainbow 320 chlorinator (mostly use bleach).
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    Re: Slipperty Tile - How to roughen up?

    If this is a new condo development, then the pool is also new?

    Have you discussed this slippery tile issue with the pool builder?

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    Re: Slipperty Tile - How to roughen up?

    The pool is in Mexico and once the developer signs the title over to the owners that is pretty much the end of it. I think by law he has some liability but this developer is so well connected that it is unlikely we would ever be successful in pursuing the matter civilly.

    I will take a look at noskidding right now.

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    Re: Slipperty Tile - How to roughen up?

    OK, Chatted with and while they have a lot of excellent products none will work underwater and 90% of the area that needs to be treated is below the waterline.

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    Re: Slipperty Tile - How to roughen up?

    Your whole scenario (beach entry, glass tile) would never fly here! Where are you located?

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    Re: Slipperty Tile - How to roughen up?

    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where that style entry is pretty common.

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    Re: Slipperty Tile - How to roughen up?

    I would submit that to not replace the tile would cost the facility a lot more than if you did replace it. One broken hip or tailbone, etc. and you're in the creek without a paddle.

    A temporary fix might be to use a tile sealer with added sand mixed in. The sealer will hold the sand. This process would need to be repeated periodically.

    You can't sand it as that would leave glass particles no matter how well you cleaned up. Acid will just eat the grout.

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    Re: Slipperty Tile - How to roughen up?

    I've built a couple pools in Cabo, and the last one was all tile. I did not provide the tile work but I will email them and see what they have used in the past and let you know what I learn.

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    Re: Slipperty Tile - How to roughen up?

    I talked to Cabo last night, and they have not used tile on the entry area on the tile pools they have done. They did PebbleTec on those areas, specifically for slip resistance, and then tile on the areas that were not as critical.

    I wish I had better news for you If I learn anything else I will post.

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    Re: Slipperty Tile - How to roughen up?

    I would like to thank those who have contributed. You time and consideration are appreciated.

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