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Thread: Replacing FNS 60 Plus Filter Grids

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    Replacing FNS 60 Plus Filter Grids

    First year owning this house and inground pool. Getting ready to open and went to clean the filter grids today. Glad I did. At least 4 of the 8 grids were broken (the plastic pipes that run down the length of the grids were cracked and at least one was poking through!). Anyway, my first order of business is to get some replacements (please chime in hear if anyone thinks replacing the entire filter is better than simply fixing it).

    I searched online for Pentair FNS 60 Plus parts and found plenty of suppliers.

    Found these 'generic' grids: ... 0292350349

    Does anyone have experience with these?

    Any other recommendations for replacement grids?
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    Re: Replacing FNS 60 Plus Filter Grids

    It looks like they are the standard "Unicell" replacement grids

    The price, including the ~ $20 shipping, is good for the full set

    As long as the rest of the filter is fine, don't forget to check the manifold!, $170 to have a new set of grids is a lot better than the expense of a new filter

    I would save any of the old grids that are still in tact, just in case something ever happens to one of the new ones

    All new grids will also ensure that the filter performs properly (who knows what the previous owners did to them, like acid washing them without first degreasing them )

    Have a great summer with your, almost, new filter
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: Replacing FNS 60 Plus Filter Grids

    Be sure to check the nibs on the manifold top and bottom to make sure they are not broken or cracking, that is if the manifold has little nibs that hold the grids in place. I had intact manifold on my old filter but several of the nibs were cracked and a couple broken. It made for the grids not being separated properly so that the DE coating was uneven giving inefficient filtering and quick rise in psi. The manifolds are pretty expensive as I recall. Replacing a manifold can raise the price considerably so that a purchase of new filter can become more reasonable. You are lucky that the filter is pretty large as some inefficiency is more tolerable on a 60 sq ft compared to an undersized for the (pool and pump) 36 sq ft.

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