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Thread: Just took off the cover - ew!

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    Just took off the cover - ew!

    My winter cover formed some holes in it over the past few months from ice, and the water on top was becoming green from the warm temps lately (70s, abnormally high) so I figured I needed to get the cover off before the green water filters its way down through the holes into the pool water. Obviously with the holes I was going to get some in, but my helper dropped his end of the cover and dumped gallons of green water in, obviously giving me a pea soup pool. I have to work on getting the water level back up before I can run the pump, I also need to buy a new filter. I also do not want to put it on yet, I would love to wait another month or so. What can I do in the mean time? Am I going to be ok till May 1st with the current green water? The temps during the day are lately 60-70 and at night 30-40... At what point do I have to worry about the pool water getting even worse? I figured if I let this sit most of it will drop and I can clean it up later, I have a floater with 4 hockey puck chlorine tabs in just so it gets some trickling in. Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

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    Re: Just took off the cover - ew!

    It's just going to keep getting worse. Most likely it was already green before you removed the cover. With full sunlight and warming water, the algae is going to grow. The chlorine added by the floater is going to have little to no effect.

    Waiting won't do much but make the cleanup take a little longer. Not much you can do without a pump running for now though.
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    Re: Just took off the cover - ew!

    Well honestly as we were pulling the cover off the water under it wasn't bad. It wasn't clear and perfect, but it was pretty clean for having holes in the cover. I guess I just need to suck it up and get the pump going in the next week or so.

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    Re: Just took off the cover - ew!

    The bright side is that the algae will probably eat up all the phosphates, so there's one less product the pool store will try to sell you!
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