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Thread: First time disassembling DE Filter -- issues remain

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    First time disassembling DE Filter -- issues remain

    Today was the first time I ever took apart my filter to fully clean it -- I used to have a service do this in the past but have had to cut back on expenses, so I'm becoming a DIY-er. I have a Hayward Micro Clear 720S (DE).

    Would like comments on my experience, and recommendations on a problem that needs to still be solved.
    I'll reference parts that are on this webpage:

    First, lifting the manifold and filters out of the filter 'drum' was very difficult. I took pictures of everything and took them to the pool store. I was told that someone had sealed buttress assembly to the elbow at the bottom -- but to me that made sense b/c you don't want it to leak. In the end I actually had to have a strong friend of mine come over to help lift it out --it's as if it was stuck. At times he almost lifted the whole thing (the base part) off the ground. Finally it came out. I washed it off, took it to my pool store to reassemble the filters and manifold. It turns out the 'stocking' over the air vent assembly had lost its plastic piece that keeps it in place, and there was a metal clamp/screw -- but the stocking cover isn't quite long enough to really be held in place with the clamp (which was jerry rigged but not by me!) -- so I had to order a whole new manifold from the pool store. (there were also two handles broken so I figured what the heck...). I got so distracted by the whole ordeal I forgot to soak it in a degreaser but the pool is hardly used at all and when I use it, I rarely use sunscreen. Next time....

    The first time I tried to reassemble it, the o-ring for the outlet elbow (#13) fell apart so ran to the pool store again to get a replacement.

    The second time I reassembled everything, tightened everything, started it up and there is no DE in the pool, but now there is a very small leak on the outside where the bulkhead fittings are....I did not replace those o-rings, (see parts 19/20 in the diagram for the area with a small leak -- on the outside). I struggled so much to do this I hate the thought of having to open it all again to find the source of the do I know if I need o-rings, or just silicone on the ones in place, or something more? Should I just call the pool company and pay the piper? Is it normally so difficult to lift out the filter? I had washed a lot of the excess DE out, I was the lifting manifold off the buttress that I think was the problem.

    What a PAIN this is. Also, I opened the drain at the bottom in the back so things could drain - per the instructions - but now there is DE all over the slab and surrounding ground. How are you supposed to contain this slurry mess when draining? What's the best way to clean up the mess?

    Would appreciate any/all advice from my forum colleagues on this. Thanks!

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    Re: First time disassembling DE Filter -- issues remain

    Welcome to TFP!

    All of the o-rings should get a good coat of a silicone based plumbers/pool lubricant.

    No, it shouldn't be as difficult to service the filter as you describe. On the other hand it is a fair bit of work.

    You should be able to position a large bucket under the drain to catch at least most of the DE. In most cases spilled DE can simply be washed into the grass/bushes with a garden hose.
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