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Thread: Flocculant and Clarifier Question

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    Flocculant and Clarifier Question

    I am new to the board. I have just taken over the pool duties. Economy has forced us out of our pool guy. Great information on this forum.
    Just opened the pool it was green. Killed the algae. All the numbers are in range but pool is milky cloudy. I was told to get a flocculant but instead I purchased a clarifier (my bad). Am I correct to understand that the clarifier helps bind the particles to better filter and the flocculant binds and they fall to the bottom of the pool to be vacuumed?
    My next question is now that I've used the clarifier can I use the flocculant in addition?
    Many thanks for the help.

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    Re: Flocculant and Clarifier Question

    Others will be along shortly, but the short answer is that you don't need either. Save your money! Continued shocking and filtering will clear up your water.
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    Re: Flocculant and Clarifier Question

    Welcome to TFP!

    Return clarifier if you can. Neither product is necessary for proper pool maintaince.
    Edit: I just re-read your post and see that you already used the clarifier .

    If your pool is still cloudy you are probably not done shocking. Read "How to Shock your pool" in Pool School for more details. You'll need to maintain shock level until the water is clear, if you do not have an FAS-DPD test (to confirm the algae is in fact, dead).

    Are you testing the water yourself or using the Pool store? Do you have any test results you can share? We can advise you better if you post them.

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    Re: Flocculant and Clarifier Question

    Quote Originally Posted by marthaps
    All the numbers are in range but pool is milky cloudy. .
    Welcome to TFP

    Please post some test may just be some dead algae that needs to get filtered out, but can't be sure due to lack of info. Saying #'s are "in range" doesn't give enough info to enable us to give you solid advice.
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    Re: Flocculant and Clarifier Question

    Vacuum the dead algae on the floor to waste. Brush the walls. That will speed things up quite nicely. After brushing and things settle, vacuum again, if it's heavy, then to waste.

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