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Thread: What is your pool temp

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    What is your pool temp

    Hello all,

    Just joined this site today, great stuff.

    Just moved from Michigan to North Carolina. Our new home has a in-ground pool. I just opened it and was pleased to discover the water was crystal clear. The water temperature was 54 degrees. It does not have any heated source, was wondering if anyone knew how long it takes down here to heat up. What temps should I expect in April, May, etc. thanks

    My pool is 54 degrees, what is yours?

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    Re: What is your pool temp

    Opps, rookie mistake!

    Should have read a little ways down the forum. (already asked)

    Well if there are North Carolina folks around, I would appreciate some pool temps by month.

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    Re: What is your pool temp

    Welcome! Rookie mistakes are allowed.... but only once.

    Enjoy your new pool!
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    Re: What is your pool temp

    I was reading 71 here in Florida yesterday, but no cover and an all day rainstorm probably has forced the temps to drop quite a bit.
    Clearwater, Florida

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    Re: What is your pool temp

    I live in central NC. You'll have warmer temps closer to the coast and colder temps in the western side.

    Most years we can swim by the end of May at temps around 70-72. (Too cold for me.) By the first of June we see water temps around 80-82. July-Aug I can see temp 88-91. As soon as Sept 1st rolls around my water temperature drops quickly into the mid to low 80's.

    Water temps really vary widely. Year before last, our water temperature was 91 on the last day of school (we had a party). Last year it was only in the mid to low 80's the last day of school.

    My pool is only 10,000 gallons and we use a solar cover at night to keep the temps up. (Not really needed in July-Aug.) We do have one solar panel running and it boosts the temperatures about 2 degrees. We've had our pool running for 6 years and have been using the solar panel for only the last two years.

    Hope you enjoy it down here. I use to live up in Maryland and I much prefer it down here in NC. If you live somewhere in NC from Greensboro north, you'll see some snow every year. It's really funny to see the little trucks they use to clear the roads. It's even funnier when they call off schools for only a skiff of snow. Up north our bus would put on chains and keep on going. Then again, down here they get the ice that we didn't get up in Maryland where I use to live. Either way, the run on milk and bread is still the same when a storm is coming.
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    Re: What is your pool temp

    Great info, thanks guys.
    Pool is up to 64 degrees. Next 3-4 days outside temp is forecasting 80,s here in NC...cant wait to see what the pool temp will change to. Keep ya posted

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    Re: What is your pool temp

    98. It will be back to 102 by the time we get in tonight.

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    Re: What is your pool temp

    Speaking of pool temps , I am also in NC and just uncovered my pool for the first time this season. My water temp is also very cold, but now that the
    cover is off and outside air temps to be in the mid 80's is there a temperature my pool water needs to be at in order for any chemicals (shock,etc) to be effective.
    The water is a little cloudy and I vacuumed the debris remnants off the bottom. I have a chlorine generator that wont even operate below a certain water temp.
    Any ideas of what to do in this situation.Can I or should I attempt to shock then adjust Ph/Alkalinity Etc... Thanks
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    Re: What is your pool temp

    64º pool temp here in Fort Worth
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    Re: What is your pool temp

    51 here... MN
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    Re: What is your pool temp

    85, but I cheated with the heat pump. 61 when I started heating Wednesday morning. We'll be swimming plenty this weekend!
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    Re: What is your pool temp

    Raleigh-Durham here - opened last week. Green, but now a very nice Caribbean green/blue. Another day and it'll be good to go. Water temp is 66 degrees. Once I get the water crystal clear, I throw the solar cover on and the kids will get in when it's anywhere near 75, as long as the sun is HOT.
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    Re: What is your pool temp

    85 today but I just had solar installed on Tuesday and it ran from Wednesday till Friday (today.) I started out at 61 degrees....
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    Re: What is your pool temp

    56 degrees for pool temp this past weekend here in Syracuse, NY. We got to around 85 degrees in outside temp this past Saturday. The morning of the pool started at about 52 degrees. We added some fresh water which was chilly so it might have warmed up some more if we wernt adding water.
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    Re: What is your pool temp

    74* just outside of Houston, TX on upper galveston bay
    16K IG Plaster Pool w/ Hayward 36sq.ft. DE filter I'll have to add the pump info when I can get to it.
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    Re: What is your pool temp

    Burlington, ON, Canada. Opened on March 29 to 45f degree water. It was sunny all week and the solar was on. Got up to 71 on the Easter weekend. Rainy and cloudy this week. Water was 62 this morning. Not bad considering I don't have a cover and it's been getting down to 8 celsius overnight.
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    Re: What is your pool temp

    66° F

    It's completely exposed, so that can change fairly rapidly. Hit 71° a few weeks ago during a hot spell, cooled down to 62° after a couple cool, cloudy days.
    16K freeform gunite with spa; Pentair 4000 DE filter; Century Whisperflow 1 HP; Pentair Minimax heater.
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    Re: What is your pool temp

    Central Jersey location

    Opened last week temp was at 51 deg seemded to go up about 3 degrees a day, but last night the pool temp was 65 and the kids went in at dusk - with wetsuits on

    Still need to take a water sample but I started to add chlorine via the skimmers. My Liquid chlorinator is cloged but I am about to improve it by installing a larger supply line and fittings.
    35,000 In-Ground Concrete/Plaster with spillover spa.

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    Re: What is your pool temp

    Quote Originally Posted by no-mas
    85, but I cheated with the heat pump. 61 when I started heating Wednesday morning. We'll be swimming plenty this weekend!
    Me too! I opened at 48 last saturday. Got to 53 with old Sol by tuesday morning. Ran the HP Tuesday and Wednesday and threw the solor cover on. This morning it was 80.4. I'll get the SWG going this weekend and ditch the dichlor.
    14,000 gallon IG, Vinyl. Hayward 3/4 hp superpump, Penatair IC40 SWCG, Pentair automation, Hayward sand filter, Aqua Comfort heat pump, Hayward 400k Lo-Nox LP heater.

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