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Thread: Replace pump or motor?

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    Replace pump or motor?

    We have a 3 year old Jandy Stealth pump (2hp). Last year our skimmers clogged with leaves and the pump ran dry. Now it squeals in cold weather, but still runs. It sounds like the bearings are going bad.

    We're renovating the pool and the pb recommended a Hayward Tristar 2hp. Looking at the Hayward website there are so many different models (besides Tristar) that it is hard to understand the differences...

    A couple questions. How does the tristar compare to the Jandy Stealth? Since the pump isn't very old, would it be better to just replace the motor? Any other pumps we should consider instead?

    Our pools is about 17,500 gallons, with a spa. The pump and equipment sit well above the highest part of the pool due to the slope of our yard.

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    Re: Replace pump or motor?

    Motor and seal set only needed. Changing the pump will require additional plumbing changes and extra $$$.

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    Re: Replace pump or motor?

    Given that is a 2 Hp and you probably need that for the spa, you could also change out the motor to a 2 speed to help on energy costs. That way when you are not running the spa, you use low speed for just circulation.
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    Re: Replace pump or motor?

    Motor and seal definitely the least expensive way to go. If you really have the funds, you might look at a 2 speed pump or converting your pump to a 2-speed pump (I converted a Hayward SuperPump to a 2-speed). It will be much quieter on low speed than a single speed pump, and will save a lot of money on electric bills. You just switch it to high speed when you want to vacuum or clear some extra debris or backwash or use the spa jets. All the info I read on this forum indicated that I could easily save the cost of the new pump motor over the course of a year (when compared w/ a single speed pump motor). (I just replaced my single speed motor w/ a 2-speed... did not have to replace the impeller or pump... works great!) Make sure you know how to wire the 2-speed correctly!
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    Re: Replace pump or motor?

    If we change to a 2 speed, is there any way to link it to our (14 year old) aqualink so it will automatically go to high if we run the spa? Or will we have to go over to the equipment and manually flip a switch?

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    Re: Replace pump or motor?

    Yes, you should be able to control it from the AquaLink. You need to have the optional two speed relay (I think you can "steal" another relay if you have one available) and you will need to reprogram the AquaLink to know about the pump.
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