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Thread: Pool Renovation - Help me understand my options

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    Pool Renovation - Help me understand my options

    My pool needs a lot of work. We live in Chicago so we are looking to get the work done in the next few weeks. I think I can get a better deal if I move quickly as many pool companies are looking for work (nobody likes to start this early)

    We need:
    - New Plaster
    - New Coping
    - Tiles
    - Drain in the concreate.

    Here are my questions by subject

    How big of a pool to I have?
    We have had a few companies come out and the total measurement was different. One had us at 20 X 40 with a depth of 9 feet, the other had us at 20 X 52, with a depth of 10 feed. I know my pool goes 10 foot deep. We are not an exact rectangle but pretty much (we have a shallow step in area).

    I have been quoted 1) plaster, 2) Diamond Brite, 3) Hydrazzo, 4) Pebble Tech. One guy tells me not to go with Pebble, others tell me to stay way from Plaster. What is my best option? I was told the advantage to Hydrazzo was it can be polished but nobody can tell me how long it lasts before it needs to be polished or how many times you can polish it. Any suggestions

    Our pool was done 10 years ago and the concreat we poured as one big piece. Over time the deck has settled and lifted off the pool. They want to come in and remove 12 inches of concreate and replace it with new including an expansion joint between the new and old. One group recommended limestone block so that the new contrasts the old and we don't have to get deck coating as well.

    They all recommend if I do the plaster and coping I should just get tile as well but with 162 linear feet this is a big expense.

    Any thoughts on how much this job should costs?
    Questions I should ask?
    Things I should stay away from?
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    Re: Pool Renovation - Help me understand my options

    Where are all the cocrete pool builders at?? somebody help this guy!!! lol
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    Re: Pool Renovation - Help me understand my options

    162 feet is a big perimeter. Is there an attached spa? If not, then you are way larger than a 20x40.

    If you change the plaster finish and do the 12" cut/removal to install coping, the tile may or may not survive. I have my doubts about it surviving intact. I also doubt that it would line up with the new coping without a significant mortar joint being visible.

    Now is the best time to do it. Only you can decide on the finish, tile and coping. Renovation work costs vary by location.

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    Re: Pool Renovation - Help me understand my options

    From shortest to longest lifetime: plaster, hydrazzo, quartz (Diamond Brite), pebble (PebbleTec). They are all good choices, it really depends on your budget and what kind of look/feel you like. Plaster is the most sensitive to proper chemical balance, but all of them are sensitive to that to a fair extent. A pebble finish is the toughest and will usually last the longest, but if you do manage to damage it (quite rare), it can be complex/expensive to fix it properly.
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    Re: Pool Renovation - Help me understand my options

    the pool is 20 x 52, we got that confirmed.

    I do agree, we might as well do the tile, no reason to come back and fix that later.

    Biggest decision I have to make is hydrazzo, Diamond Brite or PebbleTec

    I like Hydrazzo because it is smooth but I think if it like car rotors you can only polish it so much.
    I don't really have a sense of how often it needs to be polished.
    It is a bit more expensive than DB so if I need to re-polish it every 5-7 years to get the same life as DB then it become much more expensive.

    Everyone has told me that any of the three should last 10 years and could go 15 - 20 if well maintained
    Anything I do will be better than what we currently have!
    Jacob Zaluski, Owner
    True Blue Pools LLC. Lexington, KY
    Service Center for Hayward Pool Products

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