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Thread: Stonescapes organic vs inorganic plaster dye

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    Stonescapes organic vs inorganic plaster dye

    2 wks ago we picked the Stonescapes mini pebble sand color from a sample and from looking at a pool our PB had done. Looks just like sand which we wanted because our pool is all manmade rock with a lagoon feel. As they were putting the plaster on it was pumpkin orange! We questioned it and they said just wait and the color will change. Next day, now the pool is a peach color. Still said to wait. 3 wks later, water in the pool, the plaster color is a salmon color, not looking like any beach sand I've seen. Come to find out, the PB used an organic dye (which was different from the sample or the pool we saw.) They said they will work with us and they can make it lighter. That will only get us a lighter salmon color. What can we do to get the sand color we saw from their samples?

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    Re: Stonescapes organic vs inorganic plaster dye

    While I am sorry to hear this, it is a great example of why I am so adamant about using "real" products, installed by real companies, instead of "knock off" products. Stonescapes is a product that any pool guy can buy and install, with absolutely no training. It is not the best product, nor does it tend to attract the best installers. I have honestly seen guys buy the product and go to the Home Depot parking lot and ask the laborers standing around looking for work if they have any troweling experience! They do not care if the guy has stuccoed a house, done drywall finish or is lying about his skills; they just needs bodies to trowel!

    There are arguments about organic versus inorganic, and both have their merits (think Ford versus Chevy). I don't believe that the dye has anything to do with it. Stonescapes is a packaged product, and I don't think the PB has a choice in adding dye (unless there was some conversation and a "custom" color was created).

    I hope it all works out.

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    Re: Stonescapes organic vs inorganic plaster dye

    Thanks for the reply. I'm now wondering if the job was really done under the Stonescapes name, which is in our contract, or another knock off. How would we find this out? Is there some kind of warranty we should have from Stonescapes? Fortunately, we have not paid for the complete job. I want to resolve this issue first.

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    Re: Stonescapes organic vs inorganic plaster dye

    Don't know how the warranty works (may get replacement material, but the labor/install would not be covered), as the product is sold through the supply houses and has no finishing training requirements. If you have a reputable pool builder I would think he would stand behind the work for his good name.

    I hope you get it all worked out to your satisfaction.

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