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Thread: Air Pillow Popped - Lots of Ice and Snow

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    Air Pillow Popped - Lots of Ice and Snow

    This has been one massive winter so far in PA and I have an issue with my 25x15 pool. About a month ago I realized my air cushion deflated - it was too late however because there was already an ice layer and if I went to get a new one it would have only laid on top, plus I had a lot of ice and snow on the cover. I have a pump I let on the cover to try and keep it clean but we got 24" and another 28" of snow within 4 days so there was no stopping it. Because of the pillow deflating, the weight of the snow in the middle pushed pool water out and lowered my water level. Also, I turned the pump on the other day and thought I was pumping water off the cover from under the snow, apparently I must have a hole and was pumping pool water out for a while and REALLY lowered my level. I have the hose in trying to bring it back up but it's a slow process. The issue I face is the cover is pulling down hard on the sidewalls and bending them in. I broke up and removed probably 1000lbs of ice around the edges and relieved this stress, so now I'm working on getting the water level back up to support the walls. My question, is there anything I can do to replicate the air pillow until spring? I can't pump the water off the cover cause of the holes that formed, pool water just keeps oozing up and I end up pumping the pool out. Any suggestions would be great.

    PS: Since I'm adding so much fresh water and it's only the end of February, should I dump a gallon of shock or something in to keep the water decent till spring since most of the winterization chemicals have been lost?\


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    Re: Air Pillow Popped - Lots of Ice and Snow

    I saw this exact problem someone had with the walls bending and looking like they were going to cave in. I believe the advice from someone in the industry was to remove whatever is securing the cover and let it fall in the pool and deal with it when it thaws. The idea is that nothing will really happen if its not covered. There will be a bigger mess ifthe walls really do start to bend and cave. If it were mine, Id cut the lines and let'er fall in.
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    Re: Air Pillow Popped - Lots of Ice and Snow

    I think I recall reading the pillow did what it was supposed to - absorb the pressure to take it off the pool. But now that the water level is down and the walls are bending.... i think you are doing the right thing by raising the level up. I agree, losen the cover and let it fall in.

    It will be alot easier to clean up a water chemistry/green issue than to repair a damaged pool.

    Don't add any chems to the water unless you have a way to circulate it. Assuming the water temp is below 60 it's unlikely you'll develop an algae problem. Just open as soon as reasonably possible.

    Sorry this is happening!
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    Re: Air Pillow Popped - Lots of Ice and Snow

    Thanks a lot! By removing a foot or two worth of ice from all around the edges it took all the pressure off the cover and stopped it from pulling down on the pool walls, the cover is loose around the edges now. The rest went to the middle and with me raising the water level, most of the weight is on the water now. At this time - I think I'm going to let it go since it's not pulling and see if by just removing ice/snow from the edges I can keep it this way till spring, rather than cut and let it drop in. If for some reason it would pull again and I can't fix it then I definitely will cut it and let it fall in. As it fills the sidewalls are straightening and pushing back out for the most part, so that makes me feel a lot better. I really wish I could get another pillow in there but I guess I really can't, I threw some beach balls and a kids float in the spots between the ice hoping maybe even if it takes a few lbs off pressure off it's something.

    Thanks for the response!!!!

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    Re: Air Pillow Popped - Lots of Ice and Snow

    Just wanted to followup on this for all that helped me..

    I killed myself and got about a 2ft diameter of ice off the cover around the edges and it took the pressure off the cover completely. I threw the hose in and got it back up to just below the skimmer and I walked around the edges and gave a slight outward tug on each upright and it straightened out and the sidewalls popped back into place. Saved it this time!!

    Thanks for the input!

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