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Thread: SWG Cold Water

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    SWG Cold Water

    I know that the SWG will quit generating at below 50 F. We had a few nice days lately and the water temp got to about 52 or so and it did not seem like the SWG produced much clorine even as I turned the percentage up. My question is will the SWG not produce the same amount as if the water was 80 or so? All of the lights are correct and the salt and every other reading is correct with the water and the SWG. Thanks
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    Re: SWG Cold Water

    That is correct. When the temp goes up another 5-10 degrees from where you are now, more chlorine will be produced. Cold water temp require more energy to work. The cell may not permit it. Fortunately, you don't need a lot with colder water.

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    Re: SWG Cold Water

    Couple things.
    1) You have 26,000 gallons of water. It would take a a day or so running at full output, IMO, to get enough FC residual to see it come up.

    2) I'm not sure about the brand of SWCG you have, but that 52 degrees thats stated in the manual is under OPTIMAL conditions in a lab. My Pentair has the same 52 degree spec. But, in reality, it wont really start to really work until the water hits about 60 degrees. I talked to Pentair and a service rep told me that 60 was really the temp where they see them start to work on a consistent basis. I'd assume the brand you have is probably similar.
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    Re: SWG Cold Water

    Just for consideration, Pool Pilot units continue to operate under cold water conditions without shutting down. The Automatic Temperature Compensation feature will automatically adjust the Percentage output setting higher or lower, based on water temperature changes.
    At 55 degrees or colder, it will drop down to 1% output, but can be overridden with the BOOST mode.

    But as already mentioned, during cold water conditions, there is little need for high chlorine residuals, but there is still a need to have some chlorine in the pool.
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    Re: SWG Cold Water

    Quote Originally Posted by kenmccall
    I know that the SWG will quit generating at below 50 F.
    Ditto the comments above. I have the same brand (Goldline Aqua Cell) and have noticed that it operates minimally at 50 degrees F., contributing very little to Free Chlorine until the water temperature rises to about 55-57 degrees; at this point, I no longer need to supplement its efforts with liquid chlorine. Note that I have not tried experimenting with the % output -- I imagine that if it mattered I could turn up the output from 25/30% to a higher number to achieve more chlorine output.
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