I understand that building a swimming pool is stressful, but, our experience with Avalon Pools of Holly Spring Ga. was a nightmare. Once the contract was signed and they had a few big payments in their pockets they could not have cared less about us.
When we phoned to find out if anyone would be showing up as promised, we were yelled at and hung up on by owner Curt Cooper and supervisor Andy. Curts attitude is that once there is water in the pool "it is done". I guess that is why we never had pool school and they did not put salt in our pool or do the promised clean up of our property. We have filed a complaint with the BBB.The worst is that they never payed their stonemason who contacted us for payment, he did a beautiful job and we feel so bad for him. Since the build was so difficult we had Curt sign a release of lien. If you are in the Atlanta area do yourself a favor and have someone else build your pool.
I have to add here that thanks to Mark Reardon of Endless Summer Pools our pool is great. He came in and saved the day. He has fixed several of our areas of concern and has been available to coach us thru new pool ownership. We only wish he had been our pool builder. If you are in the Atlanta area visit his website at espools.com it may not be a fancy site, but he is one of the really good pool builders who care about their customers.