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Thread: 99 Hotspring Grandee shuts down after use

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    99 Hotspring Grandee shuts down after use

    I have a 99 Hotspring Grandee that has been shutting down after i turn off the pumps. The circuit breaker doesnt trip, but the light and pumps shut down, as well as the display panel- except for the blinking power light that is normally steady-on. I reset the breaker and it starts back up just fine. But then I hit the 'clean' button, which runs the jets for a few minutes, and after it's done it shuts down. I reset the breaker again, and it works fine as long as I dont run the pumps. I checked it after two days and it was still working fine- but with zero pump usage. This is a big problem right now due to extremely low temps outside- I dont want this thing to freeze on me. I had a similar problem last year, and replaced the two thermistors and it worked fine until now. How do i figure out what is causing this shutdown issue? Could the thermistors have gone bad in a year?

    not sure if this is related, but I'm usually the only one using the spa and am very meticulous when getting in to make sure i'm not trackin anything in... but the floor of the spa is covered with grains. I find it hard to believe that I am the source of this material. I did notice that when i open the drain valve the water exits very slowly (yes the valve is fully open) for being under the pressure of 500 gallons. it was so slow that i dropped in a waste pump (from my pool cover) to drain it faster. Could the drain plumbing be clogged with this grainy debris somehow-and only comes out after a month of use? and how can i get it out? I've had this spa for several years, and it's been drained and cleaned every 3-4 months. Would it hurt anything to attach a garden hose to the drain valve and flush it with about 40lbs of water pressure? I dont want to do any further damage.
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    Re: 99 Hotspring Grandee shuts down after use

    It sounds like you're having an issue with the high limit thermistor, but given that it's recently been replaced you may actually be having a real overheating problem. With the jet pumps off how's the circulation from the pump that runs the heater (the return in the floor)? When you turn the tub off and back on again do you hear any strange noises coming from the equipment compartment?

    If the circ pump dies, gets clogged, has a dirty filter or blows it's fuse you'll just get perpetual high-limit errors and you'll hear a rumbling at start up like an electric kettle about to boil which gets louder until the error kicks in and turns off the heater. Running the jet pumps may be giving the system enough circulation to prevent it from happening while they're on, and then once you cut them off the water stops moving and the heater overheats.

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