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Thread: A Problem I Have Not Had In 30 Years (HELP)

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    A Problem I Have Not Had In 30 Years (HELP)

    Hello everyone,
    I am a newbie to the website and this is my first post. I joined a week or so ago and since then have spent the majority of my time perusing the posts and topics just to learn that I have had no clue as to how I should care for and properly maintain my pool.
    I had this pool built in 1979. I live in Southern California where the climate is very hot for several months of the year. With the exception of a couple of years when I had my house rented out, I have done the maintenance. On numerous occasions I have brought back to life, that green, slimy swamp full of leaves and debris to that sparkling oasis that has been mentioned on this site. All these years I have only been using a (4 test) Chlorine, pH, Acid Demand, TA test kit, which I now know, only tells about half of the whole story. ( thanks to all the knowledgeable people on this site) I will fix that problem soon by purchasing one of the test kits recommended on the site.
    In the hot summer season I have always experienced some algae growth and at one time or another I have probably used every brand of algaecide on the market with some to very little success. About six ago I was having another outbreak of algae and decided to add some algaecide. I went to the local Home Depot and saw a new product that I had never seen before called YELLOW GONE. The YELLOW GONE container said no brushing required, just add the product to the pool, add chlorine and turn on the filter and it will do the rest. I ran the filter for about a day and a half and to my surprise it did what they said it would do.
    I thought WOW a product that actually works "that's for me". I continued to use the product the rest of the summer and now I have a problem that I have never experienced before. I now have a scale of some sort covering the entire pool floor. This scale is very hard and will not brush off nor will it come off with a wire brush. I have also tried pumice and a sanding screen that I use for drywall sanding. Nothing seems to touch it. This scale also looks as though it has algae impregnated in it as it has a green tint or color to it.
    This YELLOW GONE (NOT yellow out) product is the only new product that I have introduced to the pool in many years so I have to think that this product is the source of my problem. The active ingredient in this product is
    The pool is 30 years old, original plaster and has had one acid wash in its life. I am hoping someone can come up with a chemical solution to get rid of this stuff if there is one.

    Last week my readings were CH 1.0, pH my tester goes to 8.2 and it was way above that, TA same thing way high, Acid Demand= 2 Gallons (which I added)

    Today CH= 1.5 pH= 7.4, TA= in line, Acid Demand = 0 I'll do better when I get the new test kit.

    Thank you in advance for any ideas you may have!!!! Dale
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    I can not help here as I am sure someone will. If you can post a picture and that will help a lot.

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    dmp3, welcome to TFP!

    It sounds like your PH, TA, and CH levels got high all at the same time, causing calcium scaling. Calcium scale is white, but it is common for it to get dirt and impurities in it which can color it various colors. If that is the problem, it is going to be difficult to fix.

    A photo, as laurandavid09 suggested, would help confirm what the problem is.

    I doubt that the Yellow Gone had anything to do with it. Yellow Gone can occasionally cause problems, but this isn't one of the problems it tends to cause. This problem sounds like you didn't test the PH often enough and accidentally allowed the PH to get way too high.
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    Re: A Problem I Have Not Had In 30 Years (HELP)


    When was the last time you drained your pool? I am south of you, and I know how hard our water is. There is a good chance that you have scale build up due to the hard water conditions. Adding water creates harder and harder water, and it will build on itself.

    Acid washes do not help either! They remove the "cream" from the plaster and expose the silica (in your case), creating a rougher surface. This makes it easier for calcium to attach itself in the form of scale, as the surface is not as smooth anymore. You'd have the scale build up anyway, but the rougher texture doesn't help!

    If you got 30 years out of the original plaster you are money ahead! It is time to re-plaster! The new plaster formulation will not allow you to go as long as the old plaster did, and you will want to keep your water "clean" (200-400 ppm calcium hardness), and do not acid wash it ever!

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    Re: A Problem I Have Not Had In 30 Years (HELP)

    Possible copper corrosion in the heater cores or piping will cause blue-green staining appearance. Have you checked your copper levels?

    Just my two cents!

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