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Thread: How to use TWO heaters (gas & heatpump) for Pool/Spa?

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    How to use TWO heaters (gas & heatpump) for Pool/Spa?

    Hi all -

    We have a heat pump for our pool, but we are in the midst of adding a spa with overflow into the pool. Because the heat pump won't work below about 54 degrees F, we're installing a gas heater to heat the spa when it's colder outside.

    I'm looking for advice on how to plumb two heaters to do the following:
    - Use only the gas heater for the spa in the winter
    - Use only the heat pump in the summer, for both pool and spa (it has a spa mode)
    - My ultimate goal is to maximize the efficiency of heating either the pool or spa, while keeping the plumbing complexity low so the pumps do not have to push water through too many extra fittings.

    I don't think I would need the option to run them simultaneously, but if you disagree, let me know.

    Some other considerations:
    I have a Pentair EasyTouch 4 system which is currently controlling an Intelliflo VF, a Polaris Pump, and the heatpump. For the spa, we are adding the gas heater, a pump for the spa jets, and a spa light. My pool guy thinks we should be fine, but I wanted to know if anyone foresees potential issues.

    Will the EasyTouch be able to control TWO heaters?
    I think it does have two different thermostat connections, but I'm not sure if they are intended to be used simultaneously.

    We plan to add at least two automatic valve controls to switch to spa mode. Will that be enough given what I want to do with the heaters?

    And one last question:
    My pool guy proposes that we heat the pool in the summer by sending the hot water into the spa, and then that water spills over into the pool. I'm worried that a lot of heat will be lost in the spillover. Shouldn't we plumb the heat pump so that it can feed either the pool or spa or both?

    Any advice you have to offer is greatly appreciated.

    And since I know people appreciate photos... here are photos of our backyard renovation in process: ... directlink

    And, my concepts for the redesign, created with Google Sketchup: ... directlink

    We tried to hire landscapers to do the design, but we didn't like what they were proposing, so decided to do it ourselves.
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    Re: How to use TWO heaters (gas & heatpump) for Pool/Spa?

    Plumb them in series, filter, HP, GFH, Hartford loop, IC40.

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