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Thread: Baracuda G3 - will it hurt pool pump?

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    Baracuda G3 - will it hurt pool pump?

    New house, first pool:
    The pool guy told us to turn off the main drain and only use the Baracuda G3 Vacuum (Which runs off the main pool pump) with skimmer on partially 100% of the time. I'm worried this might put a constant high load on the pump and shorten it's life. Any input or experience with this?
    Thank You
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    Re: Baracuda G3 - will it hurt pool pump?

    I don't think so. That's how I have run mine for ages. Skimmers and Baracuda 100% of the time with the main drain completely closed. The only time that I run the main drain is if I am draining lots of water or if we are expecting a freeze and I want water flowing through all of the pipes.

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    Re: Baracuda G3 - will it hurt pool pump?

    This depends on the pump and plumbing size. Larger pumps, 1-1/2 HP and up may have more suction than it needs. If this is the case, cracking open a second suction source is suggested.

    This type of suction side cleaner is not noted for their speed. If it can still climb walls successfully with a second suction port open or cracked, it is better for the equipment and lines, especially if the suction lines were laid using flex pipe.

    There should be a spring loaded regulator that is supposed to relieve excess suction. Usually they work but not always.

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