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Thread: Cover Pump

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    Cover Pump

    Guys and Gals,
    I have a Rule pool cover pump, the one with the handle on the top. I pulled it off last week when the weather dropped below freezing, then put it back out today now that we are thawing out. My question is can I leave it out all winter in Chicago type weather. A quick Google of this pump says it has "freeze protection", but I am a little scared. Does anyone have any experience with this cover pump living through a midwestern winter?


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    Re: Cover Pump

    I have the same pump.

    Right now mine is actually frozen into about a foot of water on top of my cover, but it is unplugged. I'm waiting for it to hopefully thaw out a bit to get it running again.

    I have learned that I can't keep it plugged in all the time. Earlier this winter I went out to find it sitting in a puddle of water and trying to pump it off, however, the hose coming out of it was frozen so it was just sitting there running with no place to go.

    This happens when the snow on the cover melts (since the water under is still not frozen) but it is cold enough outside to freeze any water left in the hose.
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    Re: Cover Pump

    I have had the Rule pump for four years. That is not the way it is supposed to work. If the discharge is blocked when it tries to start up, it will turn off after a few seconds, just as it does when there is nothing to pump. My pump sat out 24/7 through three NJ winters. Here we go back and forth between freezing weather and rainy weather so bringing it in means you might have to put it back out the next week. The pump died the Spring of the third winter, but the guarantee is three years. The free replacement is out there now starting its first winter. (BTW--the replacement does not have the handle on top like the original but is the same Model No., clearly a redesign.

    I really like this pump and if I get three seasons out of this one that is six winters on one purchase. I would sign up for that again. The Little Giants I had before never made it through a second winter--just long enough to outlive the warranty.

    Mnb: In your case, I would make sure the discharge is pressure tight between the pump and the hose. Leakage might keep it from turning off. The instructions also suggest keeping the hose run straight, with no dips, and with as little vertical rise as possible. If all is as it should be, then call Rule technical assistance and see what they say.
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    Re: Cover Pump

    The newer models are more water tight than the units with the handles.

    I've used a blow dryer and heat gun on low to melt the ice blocked hoses. Break the ice up a couple times and it will eventually come free.

    I agree, if convenient, unplugging just before a snow is a good idea.

    When running the hose, send it down hill, away from the house and driveway. This usually leaves you with an nearly empty hose as long as the suction end isn't too sunken.

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