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Thread: re-setting of interlocking pavers

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    re-setting of interlocking pavers

    my interlocking pavers need to be re-set due to settling. the safety cover anchors is starting to move the pavers out of place, also i had the 8' stairs replaced. i would like to re-set my pavers as close to original as possible. i would like to start where cont. replaced the stair, but was told its going to take at least 3 months to settle (ny). would it be smart to start next to the stairs, continue all the way around the pool, & end up at the stairs? the dirt should be packed in by that time. is there a correct procedure to tackle this project? any helpful hints/tricks is greatly appreciated.
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    Re: re-setting of interlocking pavers

    I don't know the answer to your question... but would like the input of others who've done this.
    I'm planning on setting pavers adjacent to pool deck as a patio extension next year.
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    Re: re-setting of interlocking pavers

    I do not know the answer to that, however we did all pavers and if we had a problem we would call our PB to have them adjusted. Our PB put 3 inchs of limestone as the base and he has assured us that we could drive a Mac truck over them and they would not move
    How old are your pavers? If your installer says that they would move in 3 mths, then I assume that he will be coming back to reset them
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    Re: re-setting of interlocking pavers

    the safety cover anchors is starting to move the pavers out of place
    That is a seperate issue from settling and may be a hard one to resolve. If the anchors are set in pavers, I can't see any way of stabilizing them unless you take steps to make the paver(s) that are holding the anchors immobile. That constant lateral force of the springs pulling is gonna be difficult to overcome.....altho I'm sure there is a way, I don't know what it is.

    Settling is different matter that time will fix. If you are in New York, you have a freeze/thaw cycle to work thru this Winter and I wouldn't think about adjusting the tiles 'til next Spring. The vast majority of settling should be done by then. If it needs to be done before then, you will likely have to make some further adjustments next summer.
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    Re: re-setting of interlocking pavers

    How long had your paver been in before the settling started? Is this a vinyl liner pool that was overdug and backfilled? If thats the case, then at least 6 months worth of settling should have occured before the pavers were set. I'm not sure i understand what 8' foot stairs are in this case either so its hard to visualize what all the issues are. A picture would help.

    Seems to be two issues here, settling/re-laying and cover anchor problems.

    The re-laying can be difficult or easy depending on how they were installed in the first place. The proper way to set these is to start out with a good base of compacted processed gravel (mix of stone and dirt. On top of this should be 4-5 inches of stone dust, compacted, leveled and screeted. A transit should be used to shoot the proper grade so that the top of the paver is even/level with the top of the coping material that has been properly mortared to the top of the pool ( im assuming a vinyl liner pool here). Laying of the pavers should be done with a level using a dead blow hammer to set the paver in place. Make sure the edges are square using a string line.

    The anchor issue is another problem. For a concrete deck, the 4 inch brass anchor (female threads) is hammered into a drilled hole in the concrete and that about covers it. Pavers are a different animal. You dont immobilize the paver, however. The way it's done is to drill the anchor holes between the joints, NOT through the paver itself. Then, the 4 ich brass anchor is put inside and 18"-24" pipe. This pipe with the anchor in the top is driven into the drilled hole and sunk though the stone dust, compacted gravel, and into the subsoil until it is flush with the deck. This way, the pavers are not actually holding the anchor, the sub soil is. Another reason why the backfill should settle for 6+ months before putting in pavers and/or a loop loc cover.
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