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Thread: SWG vs Non SWG Pool

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    SWG vs Non SWG Pool

    What are the advantages and disadvantage of a SWG pool vs a NON SWG pool

    I know for one you do not have to do much about chlorine as the SWG does most of it for you.

    But what are some other adv and dis of the SWG. Also is the SWG just installed in your current system?


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    Re: SWG vs Non SWG Pool

    depending on your pool it might be also cheaper to use SWG than bleach

    and SWG also breaks down chloramines when they pass through the cell

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    Re: SWG vs Non SWG Pool

    IMHO, the biggest pro to using a SWCG is convenience. No adding chlorine, either manually or by some automated method. Once you get your water balanced for a SWCG and get it dialed in to produce the chlorine you need, life is good. The cons would be the initial cost of the generator (besides the Intex model), and the possibility of corrosion on cheap metal around the pool. You'd probably end up with the corrosion anyway, but the addition of the salt might exacerbate it. Also, once you put salt in your pool, the only way to get it out is to replace water.

    Personally, I have a SWCG, and love it. I can go for a few weeks without having to add anything to the pool, and then it's usually only acid to bring the pH down a bit. It'll make you somewhat lazy, actually.
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    Re: SWG vs Non SWG Pool

    I'd second the vote on convenience. And laziness induction.

    Somewhat of a negative is that you do need to keep the CYA (stabilizer) level rather high (70-80 is recommended by most SWCG makers,) which means that if you DO need to shock, you are going to need chlorine in higher quantities.

    Depending on your comfort with chemicals, you are also trading handling/adding chlorine for acid, as most SWCG equipped pools tend to have ph creep up. This can be minimized by using borates.

    Acid is also required to clean the cell. The cells foul with mineral build up, similar to a hot water heater. High calcium levels can be a problem, as can other minerals, which is why use of sodium bi-sulfate(dry acid, ph down, ect..) is not advised, or over use of cal-hypo(powdered shock) for chlorine addition (I can't remember if use of lithium shock is frowned upon too, as I just use bleach.)

    In my pool, I added borates, I usually add 2-3 pints of muriatic acid each week. This year I cleaned the cell once, even though it didn't really need it (my calcium hardness is ~140, in a vinyl liner, PS person keeps telling me "That is TOO low," even though I know that IT IS NOT!)

    Most units are designed to be easily added on to an existing pool. Cutting plastic pipe and gluing in the cell is an easy project for most able-bodied people. Hard wiring the electrical power is something that might best be left to a professional, although it is not much more involved then replacing a pump/motor.

    I would recommend reading through the forum, and using GOOGLE to see some of the features that users like, or don't like about particular models (there are hundreds of choices, make sure to look for the Australian makers, as they were some of the first makers, with the most copied features((that was a plug to Strannik )).) One feature that almost all units have, and is really pretty much useless is SUPER CHLORINATE or BOOST( it adds too little chlorine over too long a time to be effective, IMHO.)
    Good Luck!!!
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