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Thread: Hot Tub jets don't cycle Acura Systems Power Quip: DT50 DP45

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    Hot Tub jets don't cycle Acura Systems Power Quip: DT50 DP45

    Hello all!

    First time poster here.

    I would greatly appreciate a little help, if someone would not mind.

    I recently purchased a house that came with an older hot tub. Everything seemed to be working on the tub so I drained it/filled it and then got the water in balance (bromine); all button functions, the timed cycles, the heater, and the freeze protection.

    However, the jets will no longer disengage.

    I tried using a different button/air hose that works, but that still did not work to turn off the jets.

    The booster, light, and blower features all function correctly.

    The relay clicks when I push the button (I'm not mistaken the small click from the air button)

    I'm using the GFCI switch to control the on/off function.

    The model of equipment is an Acura Systems Power Quip: DT50 DP45

    I was going to try to switch the pump1/pump2 relay's (where the air hoses initially connect to from the top panel).

    Any other suggestions perhaps?


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    Re: Hot Tub jets don't cycle Acura Systems Power Quip: DT50 DP45

    The pump 1 air switch is probably a little more complicated than the one for pump 2. You might be better off using the blower or light switch to test it. The switch has to be closed for the pump to be running all the time, so if you've already checked it with a different button/tube combination then you've got it pretty well narrowed down to the switch. Let us know how it turns out.

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    Re: Hot Tub jets don't cycle Acura Systems Power Quip: DT50 DP45

    Are the switches at your top control connected to the control box via an air tube so that air pressure from top control button operates the switches? My last spa was like that. It's been a while but I was having some kind of problem years ago with one of the switches. I brought a clear vinyl tube, just like the original one but longer, from the control box, through the door, and up to the spa so that I could blow it using my mouth. It didn't work via the button but did when I blew into the tube. If yours is like that you might want to give that a try.

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