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Thread: Went back through the posts

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    Went back through the posts

    So it's a slow day at work today.

    Im relatively new here and never really checked out "The Coffee Bar".

    So I am reading back a few years, and I'm so tempted to post replies in some of the threads about pool games, and cigars, etc etc... LOL. Great threads. Too bad I missed them by 2 or 3 years.

    I would post anyway, but I think the original poster would think I was insane for replying to something written 2 years ago.
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    Re: Went back through the posts

    Ah, happens all the time. And yes, we do then talk about you behind your back. LOL

    Sometimes it's perfectly ok to revive old threads. If it's not, we mod's take care of it anyway...
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    Re: Went back through the posts

    Quote Originally Posted by mitch08
    I would post anyway, but I think the original poster would think I was insane for replying to something written 2 years ago.
    Once or twice I have found myself up late trying to decipher somebody's pool issue, reading back thru the thread to compose a smartly reasoned (if not downright brilliant ) response, slam-click the Submit button and go to bed feeling smug and self-satisfied.

    The next day, of course, I realize that I've answered a trial balloon from a one-time poster - a question that nobody's bothered to ask (or respond to) since it was first posted in April 2007. And worse, my response I now see, was based on a mis-reading of the original problem and contains 6 typos! A couple of forum "lifers" (no names, please) posted follow-on replys to the thread I mistakenly revived. Who knows? Maybe that one time poster will read it and post her test results! (circa April '07)
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    Re: Went back through the posts

    Nothing wrong with going over old posts! And, if you have something to add, it's welcome As Ann said, the mods will cull through all posts and delete or move objectionable or improper posts (they need something to do, now that the season is winding down :P )

    Seriously, as I see it, posts often need a good 'bump' and, even if the OP's question is no longer an issue, folks using the search function could benefit from the advice--- this is NOT to say that starting your own post for a question isn't the optimal way of getting a specific answer to any question
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