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Thread: Target FC range for beginning of soak...

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    Target FC range for beginning of soak...

    New to this and on my 4th day with a new tub. Have well balanced water. Using BBB method with a Taylor 2006 test kit.

    What FC range do you target at the beginning of a soak? 1 to 3? 3 to 5? I know I need to add chlorine after a soak with the amount dependent on person / hours in the tub. But, I am trying to figure out the ideal range to shoot for at the start of a soak.

    Last night I had 1.5ppm FC in it and I jacked it up to 6 before we got in, but that was a bit much I think.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Target FC range for beginning of soak...

    Depends on your CYA. I've relied on the Chlorine/CYA Chart and not had a problem with the tub since we moved in a year ago.
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    Re: Target FC range for beginning of soak...

    You want to start a soak with some reasonable residual from the previous time you added chlorine after a soak, so at least 1 ppm FC. It's safer to soak with more, but some people don't like any chlorine smell or soaking in chlorine at all so they start with the FC level relatively low. However, it's important to add enough chlorine after your soak to take care of your bather waste. The rough rule of thumb is that every person-hour of soaking in a hot (100-104F) tub needs around 3-1/2 teaspoons of Dichlor or 5 fluid ounces of 6% bleach or 7 teaspoons of non-chlorine shock (MPS), the latter if using Nature2. You want to make sure you add enough so that there is a reasonable residual by the next time you soak. You don't want the chlorine to get too low for too long between soaks.
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    Re: Target FC range for beginning of soak...

    Perfect. That's what I needed.

    It was dark the other night so I wound up adding 6 half Tablespoons instead of 6 teaspoons of Dichlor. So, we are waiting out a bit of FC residual at this point!

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