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Thread: How do you replace the skimmer?

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    How do you replace the skimmer?

    Hello, I've got a 1970's gunite pool that we are replacing the decking around (pool tile and coping were replaced earlier and are good). I want to replace the skimmer as well. Any insight into the best method to do this? I've busted the concrete decking out, and quite a bit of fill, and can get to the main part of the skimmer itself, but, I'm not sure how far I want to go chipping away at the back side of the pool. So, how DO you remove the skimmer? Can you remove it without removing thye coping??? Would a sane man attempt to do this himself?
    thanks for your input.

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    Re: How do you replace the skimmer?

    Keep chipping!!! Not only is it surrounded by concrete, there is a steel cage around it as well. If you have the time (and the patience) you can most likely get it done. Here's a little motivation: I charge $1.100.00 to replace one! Lot of work, and not fun!

    I would pull the coping (that is the least of your work!) instead of trying to work around it. Make sure you get everything lined up and tight in the skimmer throat area so that you don't have any leaks after you put it back together. Make sure the skimmer is level and all your fittings are "tight" before you put the new concrete in to fill it back up.

    Would a sane man try it himself? Probably not! Would a "stubborn" man (I can say that 'cuz I fall in that category ) try it? Sure!! The worst that could happen is that you still have to pay to have it done, but at least you tried!

    Good luck!


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    Re: How do you replace the skimmer?

    Thanks for the input and encouragement - I'm attaching a picture. I've gotten pretty far already - I'll keep chipping away. It seems like a do-able thing. By the way, would you go back with ordinary concrete? thanks again.

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    Re: How do you replace the skimmer?

    Looks like you are on your way! Ordinary concrete is fine. I would make a form around the skimmer and pour it clean. Leave an expansion joint between the skimmer "box" and the deck (the skimmer is part of the pool, not part of the deck! I see alot of skimmer failures because the PB encapsulated the skimmer in the deck portion and it fights with the pool under normal expansion/contraction cycles. Now is the perfect time to correct that, as it appears yours was done that way initially. You can pour the skimmer box low and trim the area out with brick to match your coping. Put mastic (Deck-O-Seal, SikaFlex SL,etc) between the new skimmer and the decking).

    Just make sure all of your fittings are tight before you put the concrete back in (I know I already said that, but you don't want a leak!). Then take your wife out for a nice dinner with all the money you saved doing this yourself!


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    Re: How do you replace the skimmer?

    DanO - welcome to TFP!!

    Bruce has given you excellent advice

    I just want to mention a couple things I would do when we used to rehab crete pools and replace the skimmers. To insure a watertight bond, we'd use 2 part paint on epoxy to seal between the new and old crete as well as the plastic skimmer. Clean the old crete with a hose and some dilute muriatic acid before installing the new skimmer. Use a broom handle or similar to agitate the crete so that you get full adhesion and no air pockets. Make sure the skimmer is level and secure so that pouring the new crete won't shift it!

    Please follow the suggestions Bruce gave!

    Good luck with the re-installation!

    If you need any more help with installing the new skimmer or pouring the new crete, just ask
    Luv& Luk

    Having done construction and service for 4 pool companies in 4 states starting in 1988, what I know about pools could fill a couple of books - what I don't know could fill a couple of libraries :-D

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