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Thread: Looking for a way to de-salt equipment

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    Looking for a way to de-salt equipment

    Hi all
    closed my SWG pool yesterday - went pretty smooth but....
    ladder and handrail were hard to remove. The Alum pockets in the cement are kinda rough looking (pitted) and the ladder / rail tubes are filled with a white slimy jelly / goo stuff that needs powerwashed out. I think it is salt related but don't know. pool is 2 yrs old and it wasn't there last october at closing?!
    any thoughts on what it is, how to prevent it, how to keep the pockets from deteriorating further and how to treat the rest of my stuff to prevent salt damage?


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    Re: Looking for a way to de-salt equipment

    If you clean them and coat them with marine grease they won't feel any cleaner but they won't deteriorate as fast and the ladders and rails will be easier to remove.

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    Re: Looking for a way to de-salt equipment

    You can check out the following threads arrrgggh-grunnnt-i-can-t-get-my-rails-or-ladder-out-t9941.html?hilit=rails and any-tricks-for-ladder-install-for-easier-removel-t12306.html?hilit=rails

    Be sure to follow the links in the threads for even more info on what's going on and how to deal with it
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: Looking for a way to de-salt equipment

    Thanks for the replys - I'll get it cleaned up and look into the anode for next season. Will def use some caulk. They weren't all that hard to get out... they were just NASTY! At the rate these things are wasting they won't be around long if I don't do 'something'!

    spishex...GREAT SIG!!

    Thanks again

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    Re: Looking for a way to de-salt equipment

    Last week I was not able to remove my S R Smith handrail even after I unscrewed the bolts, so I decided to leave it over the winter. Today I tried again after reading the postings, I followed the advice by tapping lightly on the bolts, and within 30 seconds my handrail was removed. My handrail is stainless steel coated with vinyl recommended for pool with SWG, the vinyl prevents the stainless steel from contacting the brass socket so "welding" of the 2 metals will not occur. But it was still very difficult to remove without tapping on the bolts, thanks everyone for the advice.
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    Re: Looking for a way to de-salt equipment

    A smear of dielectric grease, similar to what I use on a spark plug to plug wire connection works. A dab on the ladder or rail and a dab in the socket on the wedge bolt. In the fall, a couple of shots of Brake Klean cleans it off.

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