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Thread: Leaking Air Jets - Inground Pool

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    Leaking Air Jets - Inground Pool

    Just dug up my plumbing around my concrete inground pool and spa to find source of water leak. Appears that there are 3 water jets in the adjacent inground spa that have a common water feed, and also a common feed for air. Both are PVC. I dug deep to find a small river of water coming thru dirt adjacent to one of the jets. The plumbing disappears into what appears to be a fairly thick pool wall. I cannot see the fitting that both the air and water lines attach to the jet to try a repair. The leak does not occur when the jets are sucking air, but only after the jets stop or pump is turned off. I think water then moves back up thru the jet air hole and leaks. Is there any way to seal a short length of pvc when you have access to both ends (the hole in the jet inside the spa and the other end of the pvc sticking out of the concrete pool wall & dirt), but no access to anything in between? I can probably disable the air to this jet by plugging up the air hole in the jet and cutting off the pvc line and capping it, but would like to keep air to this jet if possible. Is there a liquid or some other product that I can pour into the PVC pipe that might work??

    Thanks for any thoughts about this.

    Thor Lane

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    Re: Leaking Air Jets - Inground Pool

    If the air lines are leaking and you can't access them I don't see that you have any choice but to plug the air lines from inside the jet body (if you can access it). You'll need to drain the tub, then remove any internal pieces from the jet body, then look inside and see if you notice a small hole (1/8-1/4") in the top rear. If it's accessible you can epoxy over it. You'll need to do this for all the jets that are connected to that air line.

    There are products like stop leak available but I've never had any success with them. If you wanted to try it I'd suggest plugging the jets, temporarily cutting off and capping the plumbing to them, and then filling with water and stop leak from the air inlet itself.

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    Re: Leaking Air Jets - Inground Pool


    thanks for your words of wisdom. I can get to both ends of the air line that feeds the jet (the hole in the jet and cut the pvc pipe outside the pool wal), and will give it a whirl...

    Thor lane.

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