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Thread: Recipie for fire?

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    Recipie for fire?

    I have a 800 gal above ground spa. I modified and installed a SWG from Intex and it seems to be working well. I also have an ozone generator installed, as most spas typically do.

    I live in a cold climate, so I obviously keep the cover on the spa when not in use. I also use a floating 1/4" thick foam cover on the surface of the water. I'm worried that the combination of a powerful oxidiser like ozone, and the hydrogen generated from the electrolysis of the SWG is a fire waiting to happen. The thought of a possible fire or explosion did not occur to me until after installing the SWG and understanding the process of chlorine generation.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: Recipie for fire?

    The rate of production of hydrogen gas is rather slow and the gas would likely go through your cover without much of a problem (or escape from the sides). I wouldn't worry about it. Worst case, if there were some sort of buildup AND a source of ignition (i.e. a spark), you'd have a pop under the cover and worst case might damage a portion of the cover, but I find this highly unlikely.
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    Re: Recipie for fire?

    Thanks for the info.

    Upon further investigation in a Wikipedia article on ozone generation:
    "While standard UV ozone generators tend to be less expensive, they usually produce ozone with a concentration of about 0.5% or lower."

    I didn't realise the concentration of ozone was that low. Glad I don"t have to worry about the Hindenburg effect.

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    Re: Recipie for fire?

    The reason I bring this up is because people recommend not using ozone with BBB because it dissipates chlorine pretty fast.

    We've had three different spas for 23 years. First one came with house and was 110v so basically couldn't use it in winter. Replaced it after a few years. Our "new", third one is 7 years old and is the first one with ozonator. It has a gazillion jets with two 5 HP pumps for jets and separate blower motor for bottom/seat bubbles. We use venturies most of time with jets and bubbler lots to keep the temp at or below 100 F. Circulation pump runs 24/7 with bubbles coming out the whole time. That's a lot of aeration yet, using BBB, keeping everything adjusted perfectly is a breeze.

    I have always loved my ozonator and frequently "bubbled" and massaged my light blond hair and scalp in the bubbles when I first entered the spa (usually daily). Gets daily contaminants, perspiration etc., out and almost as good as washing. I rarely use hair products and the "refresh" certainly cuts down on washing hair and sending even more "stuff" down into our old septic tanks that we really, really baby. AND I really like the smell coming up from the ozone bubbles. BTW.... I installed a new one last year because the old one was 6 years old and got a great price on it.

    Until a couple of months ago I did not use BBB in pool or spa. Both are now converted but don't use Borax in pool because dogs swim and drink out of it, usually doing both at the same time. Now that I've decontaminated spa and it is fully BBB I've unplugged the ozonator because of the chlorine issue. Now that I've gotten the spa water pretty stable and in a sort of simple routine I'm going to try the ozonator for a while to see if I can have "the both of best worlds" and manage it simply. If it is too much hassle keeping everything adjusted I'll unplug it again. At least the bubbles still come out and I still do a "refresh" in the bubbles but not quite as effective as "ozone" refresh. BTW.... prior to going BBB in spa I used ozone, mineral cartridge, non chlorine shock, had scale issues, used stuff for scaling, stuff for minerals in water, used water softener with each soak, used lots of enzymes................. water usually looked just okay (I usually thought it looked good but now I KNOW the difference.) as compared to perfectly dazzling now. Note above.... I had to do a major decontamination just recently for bio-slime that had set into the pipes/airlines that would not go away with even multiple prolonged shocks, using chlorine, and two double dose flushing products. The third and last time I let the puppies in the spa, prior to major decontamination, and switch to BBB, I developed a major bladder infection that required a course each of two different antibiotics to clear up. They have now accepted the fact that they can't soak with us but we still have to put a little fence at the top step going in to spa.

    The water has never been this beautiful and comfortable. No chlorine smell at all. I used to change the cartridge filter out (have four for rotation) more than once a week with major bleach or MA soak nearly every time for the "used" one. I just changed filter out this week with over a week between and it looks almost pristine. Hubby and I don't usually shower before using spa, rarely spend less than an hour in spa, usually much more (at no more than 100 F) and usually one person per day and frequently two people a day. That's a lot of "people load". AND we don't need to use lotions after soaking.

    Thank you TPF folks.

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