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Thread: Chlorine vs. Baquacil: New Pool

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    Chlorine vs. Baquacil: New Pool

    We have been given a 27' swimming pool from a friend but are totally new to pools. I have gone to 2 pool stores, the 1st recommended using baquacil, the 2nd said they do not recommend baquacil and said to go with chlorine. What are the pros and cons of each?

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    Re: Chlorine vs. Baquacil: New Pool

    Hi, and welcome to TFP!

    Most of the baqua users you find here are FORMER baqua users. Many people can maintain a baqua pool for a few or even several seasons without any problems, but eventually there are problems, pink mold, white mold, other slimy things, and perpetually cloudy water... which require the addition of stronger and more expensive baqua chemicals. The baqua chemicals are not cheap, and they are also not approved as a sanitizer in other places (Australia comes to mind...)

    Save yourself the trouble of converting later, and start with chlorine from the beginning! If you read through Pool School, you will see how we use inexpensive products, and knowledge of your pool chemistry to properly maintain a sparkling, sanitary pool. That's BBB in a nutshel!

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    Re: Chlorine vs. Baquacil: New Pool

    Hello and welcome!

    I am also fairly new to TFP. I'm not sure how I arrived here, but life has changed since I got here. My huge pool was NEVER clear and we always had algae problems until I took the advice of TFP. It took real courage to switch to bleach. If I'd only known thousands of dollars ago what I could do with bleach and a test kit... Today my pool is clear and sparkling. I now realize my friends are here - not at the pool store.

    Study Pool School and do what it says to do. You will be happy.

    Good luck!
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