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Thread: Weirdness by spa jet

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    Weirdness by spa jet

    My name is Debbie and this is my first post, however, I've gotten lots of good help by these forums.

    I have an inground pool that has a spa in the pool. By one of the spa jets I noticed a stain, so I unscrewed the plastic outer piece and I found some black something ?), I hope my picture comes out. I was wondering if anyone might know what it is and what to do about it....(I realize if my picture doesn't come out, you all won't have a clue what I'm talking about... : ) ) Thanks Debbie

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    Re: Weirdness by spa jet

    Looks like black algae to me


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    Re: Weirdness by spa jet

    Hi and welcome to TFP!

    Just from looking at the pic, it's hard to say what it would be. Knowing more about your pool would help a lot. For example, do you fill it from a well or from a municipal supply? Recent test results could help too.

    So, the stain... does it feel slimy? That would suggest it's organic, scrubbing and chlorine should take care of it.

    If you have a way to hold a piece of something against it for a while (like a couple hours), and you have any Vitamin C tablets around the house, put one of those on the stain and see if it does anything. If so, that would suggest metal staining; I think black is usually iron but not sure.

    Reply back with some info and we'll see what might help.
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    Re: Weirdness by spa jet

    I would suggest a Clorox-soaked rag quickly submerged and held directly on the stain.

    It's a little rusty looking but, unless part of that fitting was metal, the stain is certainly organic and Clorox should remove or reduce it.
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    Re: Weirdness by spa jet

    Thanks for trying to help me. I'm on city water I live in Palm Desert, CA. I was able to take the water down below the jet. It's rough, it isn't slippery. I think it looks like the rough plaster (sorry don't know the right lingo) it looks like the finish coat is gone in that one area. There is some rust stain on top but that appears to be coming from the jet area. If that's the case it appears I have two problems, getting rid of the rust and how to fix that area.....Thanks Debbie

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