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Thread: Another "Fitting for Vacuum Hose" but Different Question

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    Another "Fitting for Vacuum Hose" but Different Question

    I have a 1 1/2 waste pipe that comes off push/pull valve for filter. I want to use a backwash SlimeBag to put waste water back into pool. Because my filter is now too small for the amount of sand/silt the puppies drag in to pool daily I'm having to backwash at least twice a week. I'm going to be replacing the filter soon for a much bigger one.

    Anyway, on the SlimeBag site they show a picture of a blue, standard vacuum hose (the one that is all one length and not sectional) leading from waste, with a SlimeBag attached to put waste water back into pool. They do not show, though, how they attach the hose to waste pipe. Both of the fittings on the end of my vacuum hose are almost exactly the same diameter as the waste 1 1/2" pipe so I haven't been able to attach it. Is there a secret way of fitting it over the waste pipe, maybe heating the end of hose with a hair dryer or something like that or would I need some kind of fitting? When backwashing the pressure and water flow coming out of waste pipe is immense. When I set up drip systems or repair garden hoses I usually heat up water to just below boiling to soften the hoses. Would that work?

    Thanks, gg=alice
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    Re: Another "Fitting for Vacuum Hose" but Different Question

    While I've never played with one of these, a gentle! heating of the cuff should allow you to connect it - but I'd certainly also use a clamp to insure that the hose doesn't pop off!

    Just my $.02
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: Another "Fitting for Vacuum Hose" but Different Question

    I'm not sure which fitting you need, but they have fittings and clamps for different applications.

    Here's a link that shows the different Slime Bag products. Scroll to the bottom for the fittings and clamps.
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