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Thread: Fiberglass pool install - Memphis

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    Fiberglass pool install - Memphis

    My pool arrived on September 11th. I will attempt to post the photos here. Due to this rain that just won't stop for very long, I am still sitting with a pool in a hole and no concrete yet......

    The rain started the day after the pool was placed, and continued for two solid weeks. Absolutely nothing could be done during this time frame, and we had a sump pump running 24/7. Last week, it was clear enough to get pump/filter placed, lights and skimmer and pool, and pipes from pool to pump.

    Plumber had to be called to tie into cleanout for backwash and we had to rent a trench digger for him as the cleanout was across the yard from the pump/filter. (Long story, but original plumber told us we could use a cleanout at the side of our house which is a 3" cast iron pipe, but upon further inspection, turned out to have a 2" pipe inside of it).... So, pump/filter had been placed at that location, and then it was determined that we could not use the cleanout by the pump/filter, so we had to have a pipe trenched (at a slope) about 60 ft. across the yard to another cleanout.

    Since our electrical expense was not included in the original contract, we opted not to use the pool installer's usual electrician when he came in with a quote that was $1300 over my budget for electric. We got another quote (by someone referred to us by a commercial electrican that we know), and this guy came in at slightly less than half of the first quote. But, this guy has taken a whole lot longer than I would have thought. The rain has been the biggest problem without a doubt.

    After a clear week last week, it rained again last Sunday and we have been muddy and rainy ever since. The electricians were able to get it to a point where the inspection was done this morning for the "rough install" of the electric, so that now we can get the concrete poured..... if we can ever get the ground to dry out. The electricians still need to finish.... but our main concern at this point has been getting the concrete poured. My backyard looks like a large ant farm with the electrician's trenches still open, and we are dealing with loads of mud.

    The concrete guys are ready to go, but now we will need to get these trenches filled back in an make sure that the yard is packed and graded enough for the concrete.

    Thank goodness this pool was laid in and backfilled with gravel, as I am not sure a fiberglass pool installed with sand could have withstood all of this rain without an issue. The first two weeks, the pool sat without being completely backfilled, and she is still level.....

    I just want to say that I have been back and forth between this forum and another pool forum and have learned so very much. I can't wait until I can submit a photo of my finished pool and have it placed in the slide show. I love that slide show......

    The great thing about this particular forum is that no matter what type of pool you own, whether it be above ground, vinyl, fiberglass or gunite, everyone here is equal in that we are pool owners and we appreciate the help we get in making our own little oasis as perfect as we can.

    Although I do not post much, I browse alot, and I know I will need your help going forward.... Thanks for giving me a place to go, to learn, to view, to see everybody else's little piece of heaven, and to show off my own.
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    Re: Fiberglass pool install - Memphis

    Hello edie,

    Thanks very much for the pics... know lots here will want to see the finished product (but none more than you!)
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    Re: Fiberglass pool install - Memphis

    You are so right!!! I will keep you posted. At the moment, I am going to take my Friday night beer outside and walk around my muddy yard..... and "imagine" what we will will look like when we are done.
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    Re: Fiberglass pool install - Memphis

    It has been a while since I posted. After dealing with a pool install during the rainiest October in history, we finally are up and running and have concrete. As you can see from the pictures, I have alot of landscaping to do, and this will all have to be DIY. I enjoy working in the yard though, and it will just be a slow constant job for a while.....

    The rain caused alot of "sit and wait" days (and even weeks) since this pool was dropped in the ground. I think the electrician probably drove us the craziest, and then we ended up having to use him for an additional cost of re-wiring our back house after the PB cut the wires. For the few dry days that he had, he would show up mid morning & disappear at 2 in the afternoon.... it took forever...... The concrete pour and grading issues could have been handled better, but it was such a rush by the concrete guys to get the pour in when the rain was such an issue, that we did not end up extremely happy with the grading. I feel that the PB and his concrete sub could have been a little more in sinc on this...... Due to some leaves falling, I have some "leaf fossils" in my concrete, and it turns out that the drain holes for my deck jets won't work, because the concrete footing under the coping has blocked them. Well, I guess I will just have standing water in my deck jets. I have to make sure and dry them out and cover them before extreme cold I guess. I personally sealed the concrete on my own to save a few bucks and that was pretty easy...

    Anyway, I am happy to have my pool and, overall, I think it looks great. I will be sure to send more pictures as my yard begins to take shape....

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    Re: Fiberglass pool install - Memphis

    Looks great!

    You got some really cute doggies, too
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    Re: Fiberglass pool install - Memphis

    Anyway, I am happy to have my pool and, overall, I think it looks great. I will be sure to send more pictures as my yard begins to take shape....
    I agree! Very nice looking pool!
    As they say! Can't wait to see the finish product after you had a few more "friday night" beers in the yard!!
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    Re: Fiberglass pool install - Memphis

    Butterfly... Thanks for the comments. The little dog is almost 14 years old and doesn't see or hear very well.... I'm not sure she even knows a pool is sitting there.... The other guy is a little over a year old and he's like having a toddler around all the time, plenty of energy... It will be interesting to see if he enjoys swimming.

    Mr. Porter... I have thoroughly enjoyed your pool progess as I have never seen such a task taken on by someone and I think it is amazing..... Thank you for your kind words.

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