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Thread: Multi Position Valve Leaking/Water Coming out of Backwash

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    Multi Position Valve Leaking/Water Coming out of Backwash

    I am a newbie with another problem that I hope you folks can help me with. I have only had this pool for a little over a month.

    I have water leaking into the backwash hose even with the valve in the filter position. From what I have read here I am sure that I need to replace the spider gasket.

    But I am wondering if this may be what is causing some of my other problems.

    Does the bad gasket allow air into the system?

    I have replaced the O-ring on the basket using the correct lube. And don't see any leaks there.

    My main problem is that I have a difficult time getting the booster pump (Polaris 280) to prime once I have turned the system off. Or even if I have been running the sweeper for awhile and then turn off the booster pump for more than a half hour or so it will not prime. The only way to get it going again is to turn off the main pump and go through the backwash procedure (backwash, rinse etc.).
    Once I do this the booster pump will usually prime and start working normally, but I don't dare turn it off or I have to go through the whole procedure again.

    Also I have noticed that I do have some air bubbles at the jets in the pool and that the pressure at the gauge has dropped some from when I first started maintaining this pool. With the system off the gauge reads 15psi (time for a new gauge also) and with system running (Clean) it runs at 22psi. It seems like when I first moved in here it ran at about 32psi.

    I am hoping (praying) that all of these items are due to the leaky valve but I have not had time to change out the gasket and was just wondering what your opinions are.

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    Re: Multi Position Valve Leaking/Water Coming out of Backwash

    First, I encourage you to get a new guage. If it's at 15psi with no flow and 22psi with flow, it would imply (but only imply) a psi of 7.....that's not good and would indicate some type of restriction/blockage on the suction side.

    IMO, a working guage is a crucial part of your pool.

    Unfortunately, I don't think your spider gasket is introducing air into the system. It's on the pressure side of the system and air leaks are virtually always on the suction side.
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