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Thread: Leaking Pump

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    Leaking Pump

    I just replaced the diffuser O-ring and seal plate ring gasket (thanks to Pool Clown and dbfan for advice on that project). My problem is that when I powered up, the thing is still leaking from looks to be underneath under the motor, not the seal plate. The trap basket lid and drain plug O-rings are newer and still in fine shape.

    I think the only thing left that can be leaking is the shaft seal. Before I go through the process of ordering parts again, is there anything else I should be inspecting? Could the new leak be residual water left in the motor housing from a leaky diffuser O-ring? I didn't let it run for very long.

    This is a Sta-Rite DuraGlass pump P2RA series

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    Re: Leaking Pump

    Welcome to TFP!!

    It's most probably the shaft seal, if I'd seen this last night I'd have said to change the seal while the pump was separated

    The shaft sael assembly is something you want to replace ASAP when you see it's failed , the majority of the motors I replace every year were wrecked by the seal going bad and not being replaced

    If you need any help in changing the seal assemblies, you can do a search with the keyword "seal assembly", check out the thread in 'further reading' at Pool School, or just ask us
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: Leaking Pump

    Thanks for the reply. I figured it had to be the shaft seal since everything else was replaced, in the last six months. I wish I had thought of that when I ordered up the O-rings, cause it takes me about a week to get the parts where I live via mail order.

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    Re: Leaking Pump

    I had the same problem about a year ago and all but one pool store said I needed a new pump and whatever else that sounded good. I knew it was only the seal and that's what I asked for. The last and now the only store I go to gave me what I needed and the guy even installed it for me.

    Just don't install it backward. I had to take the impeller assembly apart when I got home to get all the calcium hard water buildup off the shaft key so it wouldn't grind on the housing anymore. I had to spend another $8 a couple months ago when it started leaking again.
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