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Thread: Closing in southern california

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    Closing in southern california

    I am closing my pool in a couple weeks and have many questions.

    Pool school refers to closing a pool to protect from freezing. I dont have that problem.

    should I drain water 6inches below openings and cover my pool with winter cover.
    Should I run pump and salt water chlorinator all winter as if i was still using pool
    if this option should I cover pool with winter cover, solar cover or leave uncovered.
    should I modify my routine like add chlorine manualy weekly or bi weekly or monthly running the pump daily or only when adding chlorine or only before and after adding chlorine. again winter cover, solar cover or no cover

    give me your idea what would work best

    Thank You
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    Re: Closing in southern california

    In your climate, I wouldn't change a thing. Maintain the pool as always.

    You'll notice using less chlorine as the water cools but just test accurately and you'll have no issues.
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    Re: Closing in southern california

    Quote Originally Posted by childman
    Should I run pump and salt water chlorinator all winter as if i was still using pool
    if this option should I cover pool with winter cover, solar cover or leave uncovered.
    I don't use a cover at all in the winter and, perhaps because of the low angle and fewer hours of sunlight, my chlorine usage goes down considerably. As duraleigh observed, the colder water temperature is helpful here. I end up not only dialing back the SWG but decreasing pump operation time as well and--this is the sweet part--I've found that I can go 7 - 10 days between water testing in lieu of a summer-time regimen of 4 -5 days. If you don't have a SWG or injection pump for chlorine, you may have to test a bit more often to make sure your Free Chlorine (FC) is on target.

    One maintenance item on my pool doesn't retreat in the winter: the need to check and empty skimmer & filter baskets, run the pool cleaner and net the surface... to reduce the need to check and empty the baskets!
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    Re: Closing in southern california

    I have already noticed the reduction in daily chlorine use, and it's barely past the equinox. Farther south the effect wouldn't be quite so dramatic but should still be noticeable.

    I use a solar cover as well, although I only got mine around last March so I don't know for sure how much effect it will have in the winter. But based on the summer pattern, I think it will be pretty easy to take care of the pool this winter (after the leaves are down).
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