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Thread: Streaks in Pool -Update PB performs 0 ph for a couple days?

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    Streaks in Pool -Update PB performs 0 ph for a couple days?

    After the re-plaster we developed big streak marks that looks like white paint was spilled. I've noticed that it started to get more and more noticeable after continuously adding acid to keep the ph balanced. They came and tested the marks to see if it was scale and determined that it was part of the plaster. Now they want to have the ph kept at 0 for a couple of days to whiten up the rest of the pool. Is this the correct method of fixing this problem? They are bringing in their own pump to circulate the pool btw. I'm also concerned that it it will either:
    1. mess up the rubber gasket on the light
    2. eat through the 25 year old pvc piping
    3. And/or proportionally make the streak marks whiter compared to the rest of the pool
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    Re: Streaks in Pool -Update PB performs 0 ph for a couple days?

    I'd be very worried about that PB.There's no way they're going to get a pH of zero. If they even get close the plumbing and lights will be the least of your problems, there'll be no plaster left.
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    Re: Streaks in Pool -Update PB performs 0 ph for a couple days?

    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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    Re: Streaks in Pool -Update PB performs 0 ph for a couple days?

    I've never heard of such a thing....

    I mean - there is a drain/acid wash technique....but this just doesn't sound right.
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    Re: Streaks in Pool -Update PB performs 0 ph for a couple days?

    I've read this thread three times now, and it just hit me that you're saying 0 pH! For some reason I was reading it as 7.0 pH. I'm guessing that's because 0 pH doesn't make any sense. You'd have a giant tub full of concentrated hydrochloric acid, aka: fuming hydrochloric acid. This is not good for pretty much anything with living tissue. The mist alone... Well, I wouldn't even want to think about that!

    You should know how much muriatic acid fumes when you take the lid off a bottle. That's only 31.5% hydrochloric acid. Imagine that stuff full strength in the quantity of whatever your pool is!

    I concur with Bama Rambler... If they even get close to zero the pipes and lights, and I'm throwing in the plaster too, will definitely be the least of your worries!

    I'd try and verify this is exactly what they're tryin' to do.
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    Re: Streaks in Pool -Update PB performs 0 ph for a couple days?

    I remember chem geek once said that normal (31.45% HCl) muriatic actually has a negative pH (like -1). pH is a log scale so pH 0 would be around 3% HCl? That's still a ridiculous number.
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