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Thread: New pool water balance questions

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    New pool water balance questions

    Hi all, I have been reading this site for a while and have reached the point that I need some help. Recently completed a new concrete / plaster pool and have had water in it for about 30 days. It is going to be a salt water pool but the salt hasnt been added yet, so have been keeping the pool going with bleach and muratic acid and also added some CYA. Finally got a real test kit and have some good numbers to check with.
    PH 7.6
    TA 50
    CH 200
    CYA 50
    Temp 86

    The pool is about 16,500 gals and also has 2 bubblers that I leave run when the pump is on. I know I need to bump up the CYA to 80 and the PH is easy enough to adjust. My main concern is with the TA and CH and how I should go about adjusting it. According to the calculator I need to add baking soda to increse the TA to about 80 and calcium chloride to bring up the CH to 300. My question is more about how they interact with each other and the new plaster and should I stay at lower or higher levels for the first year of the pool? Also will the salt change any of the levels when I add it? Thanks for all the help and information.
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    Re: New pool water balance questions

    There will be no interaction between CH and TA nor will the salt have any significant affect.

    I would suggest bringing the TA up to around 70-80 with baking soda and then test carefully every few days for the next few weeks.

    Your CH is at the bottom of OK but it's still OK....I think it will rise some more so I personally wouldn't add any more until I was convinced it was not going to climb further on it's own.

    80ppm max on the CYA.....70 is my personal choice for a little wiggle can always add more but it's very tough to reduce.
    Your numbers are in good shape and you have a good grasp of the chemistry involved....nice work!
    Dave S.
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    Re: New pool water balance questions

    I agree with Dave, leave the CH alone for now. Shoot for 70-80 on the TA and 70 on the CYA.
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