OK, thanks to this forum my water's looking better than it ever has since we bought this house a little over 3 years ago

The pool is about 15'x32', one skimmer, one return (no eyeball, just an opening in the wall), one main drain whose operational status is unknown, and a few other mysteries that we assume date back to its construction sometime in the 1950's/60's (like, are these frozen-in-place mystery valves underneath the access covers supposed to regulate how much suction is directed to the skimmer or the vacuum hose port). Hubby has plenty of experience caulking assorted home repair projects dating back to his teen years helping his mom care for some rental properties, so he figures he can tackle replacing the caulking between the coping and deck.
But the biggest issue we have to address is the numerous chips in the fiberglass:

I think there's far too many for this to be a DIY project so where do we start - any tips on finding reputable contractors in the (East) San Francisco Bay area? If we have to have the entire interior surface of the pool re-done, what is the most likely method that would need to be done and any idea of what ballpark $ we'd be looking at?