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Thread: Pool closed by pool store, unnecessary chemicals?

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    Pool closed by pool store, unnecessary chemicals?

    So I have my pool closed the other day and noticed they added the following chem's:

    4 gallons of liquid chlorine
    1 qt of proguard algae 60
    1 proguard stain scale inhibitor

    I wasn't aware they were going to add these until after I was invoiced and I wasn't home when they did closed it. Lesson learned for next year, I am assuming that these chemicals are unnecessary as I have always maintained acceptable FC levels I just want to confirm.

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    Re: Pool closed by pool store, unnecessary chemicals?

    Do you know what strength liquid chlorine?

    I do add a bunch of LC when I close. Mine is probably 10%, I've never tested it. I add enough to get the FC to 20 at closing, a very heavy dose of chlorine for my pool. The "proguard algae 60' sounds like what we call polyquat 60 here. Some people use it, some don't. I do when I close but not a full quart. I don't know anything about stain guard inhibitors so I can't comment.

    I wouldn't sweat it this season. Probably the amount of LC added was a little high but that does depend on its concentration. Hang around and next year, do your own closing.

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    Re: Pool closed by pool store, unnecessary chemicals?

    I don't think there's any harm at all. It does depend on the condition of your water prior to the additions.

    Can you post a full set of test results including CYA?

    Assuming you CYA was reasonable, the chlorine will be fine.

    I personally don't use an aglaecide but others do so no harm there.

    The anti-scale stuff is a chelating agent to keep metals suspended in your pool. Do you have metals? What is your pH?

    If you have no prior history of metals and/or high calcium then I suspect that was a waste.....However, it won't hurt anything except your wallet.
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