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Thread: Chlorine options???

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    Chlorine options???

    Hye guys, thanks for all of your help yesterday in deciding what pump & filter to go with. I had a few pool guys come out to the house and check things out. The general consensus was that the pump is in good working order, but because the filter is getting backed up and not working properly, the pump may have overheated. So for now I'm going to just go with a new filter, probably the Pentair CC 150 sf. Did you know when it comes time to replace the filter I can upgrade to 200sf and it fits in the same housing??

    Anyways, my next question is what are my options for keeping chlorine in the pool? One guy suggested keeping 3 3" tabs ina floater in the pool at all times. Another suggested a chlorinator. I am pretty sure my dad just dumps a few jugs in each weekend... What do you guys suggest and what is most budget friendly?
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    Re: Chlorine options???

    The tabs, either in a chlorinator or in the skimmer or a floater add CYA fairly quickly and can become a problem in one season. A salt water chlorine generator (SWCG) has an upfront cost of around $1000 but produces all the chlorine you need, requiring only the occasional addition of salt to the water. Adding bleach or liquid chlorine by hand has very few side effects and is economical. The use of a Liquidator, made by Hasa to automatically add liquid chlorine is a fairly economical way to go, but not quite as convenient as an SWCG.
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    Re: Chlorine options???

    Please read Pool School as the answers to your chlorine questions are there, in detail.

    Most here use bleach or liquid chlorine for 2 main reasons: It is (usually) the least expensive methods of chlorinating your pool, and more importantly, it does not add anything else to your water.

    You need to 'dump in' chlorine more often than 'on the weekend'. It sounds to me like Dad let his FC levels fall during the week, and shocked on the weekend. If you test and dose your water daily (or every other day) according to the CYA chart linked in my sig, you may never have to shock!

    BBB is all about testing and knowing where you water chemistry is at, so you can then 'dump in' just what your pool needs, and nothing else!!

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    Re: Chlorine options???

    First I'm going to recommend that you fill out your signature with your equipment. Look at the top of the page right under the big TFP logo and find "user control panel" then edit your sig.

    Second I'm going to recommend that you read Pool School. You can find a link to it at the top of every page as well as in my Signature.

    Third, get a good test kit. Search PS (pool school) for the recommended ones (or just click the link in my sig for my favorite ).

    Around here, if you don't use a Salt Water Chlorine Generator (SWG or SWCG), you'll find out that we universally recommend nothing but liquid chlorine to chlorinate your pool. Whether it be from the pool store or bleach from your favorite department/grocery store. Application ranges from dumping to pumping and everything in between (i.e. The Liquidator). Tabs are not recommended because your CYA will get out of hand pretty quickly.
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