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Thread: Closing Pool by myself for 1st Time

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    Closing Pool by myself for 1st Time

    I have a 25K gallon Anthony and Sylvan in-ground plaster pool in Southeastern Pennsylvania that I have had for 4 years. I have decided that I would like to close the pool myself instead of A&S 400.00 to close my pool. My pool has 2 main drains, 2 skimmers and 2 returns lines and Automatic Pool Cleaner Port. My filter is DE with a 6-port multi valve. I know that I need to do the following:
    1) Lower water level to just below the skimmer
    2) Drain the DE filer and rinse and removed pleated filters
    3) Remove drain plugs from main pump

    I know that I need to blow out and plug the
    1) Return Lines
    2) Skimmers
    3) Automatic Pool Cleaner
    4) Main Drain

    My question is what position(s) (normal operating or closed) should the shut off valves be for the (Skimmers, Automatic Pool Cleaner and Main Drain) when I blow out the Return Lines using the Air compressor hooked up to the port off of the 6-port-valve? Also, what position should the 6-port valve be in too?

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    Re: Closing Pool by myself for 1st Time

    Do you have the A&S main drain return loop on yours? That makes it more complicated. I assume by port you mean the hose bibb A&S puts just past the pump. Anyway, here is what I do:

    Multi-Port set to Recirc.:
    Main Intake closed. Plug all but 1 return at pool. Open Pool Return Valve.
    Blow out open return and plug. Remove next return plug and blow. Repeat for final return. Switch Return Valve to Main Drain Return. Blow Main Drain Return Line. Leave valve at Main Drain Return OFF at end of blow.{If you don't have Main Drain Return, ignore this last part.}
    Multi-port set to Closed:
    Pool Return off, Skimmers on, Skimmer #2 off; Blow Skimmer #1
    Turn skimmer #1 off, Blow Skimmer #2.Leave both skimmers off.
    Open Main drain while closing skimmers. Blow Main Drain from this side and close Main Drain Valve at end of Blow. Set Multi-port to Winterize and winterize skimmers, pump, filter and heater. Add anti-freeze if you choose.

    This all assumes your A&S setup mirrors mine, but I think they have it standardized. The sequence is important because of the Main Drain Return. If you don't have one, it is probably not important. I don't have a cleaner, so you'll have to figure that part out.

    Edit to add: After all is dismantled (I remove pump in winter, but A&S didn't build it that way), I also blow skimmers from pool back to pad, and plug lines at both ends, but that's belt & suspenders.
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