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Thread: Pool closing question

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    Pool closing question

    This is a great site and I'm glad I found it!

    I'm getting ready to close my pool and have a (stupid?) question. I searched the site and couldn't find the answer, which makes me think it's a stupid one! LOL!!!

    I'll be replacing my solar cover next year - it's wearing out anyway and needs to be replaced - so I'm not concerned about that.

    I was thinking about leaving the solar cover on the pool underneath my mesh cover this winter thinking that it might make it easier to remove all the leaves, etc... and keep the water level "up" (if that makes sense). Where DOES that water go to anyway when the water level drops during the winter?

    Would doing this make ANY difference at all? Or would it make opening the pool even more labor intensive?

    I live in CT.


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    Re: Pool closing question

    Or would it make opening the pool even more labor intensive?
    Hey, Charlie,

    Welcome to the forum. I don't close my pool here in the South, but it seems it would simply make your opening more difficult. Whatever junk accumulates on the solar cover reportedly seems to always slip back into the pool when you remove it (the solar cover) so I don't believe it would help.

    However, wait 'til you hear from someone who actually closes pools before you listen to me!!
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    Re: Pool closing question

    I don't understand why the leaves would be getting past your mesh cover.

    Keep the solar cover out, it will only make a bigger mess for you in the spring as it disintegrates in the pool all winter.
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    Re: Pool closing question

    Thanks for the info...

    Sorry - I guess I wasn't clear - leaves are not getting past the mesh cover. I just thought maybe it would keep the mesh cover above the water line because it sinks below the water line in heavy rain or snow.

    You're right about the cover disintegrating - I hadn't thought of that. What a MESS that would be!

    See? It WAS a stupid question. LOL!!!

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    Re: Pool closing question

    I would think that whether you have the solar cover on or not you wont stop the mess cover from sinking into the pool when the snow and ice build up on it. The only way your going to do that is to sit at the pool with a broom or something to keep the snow from building up on the mesh cover and sinking into the pool.

    When you take to solar cover off you would literally have toget in the water, fold it up so the debris stays inside while you try to pull it out of the water and I am sure it will be quite heavy with all the water in it.
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    Re: Pool closing question

    I live in ND and have a mesh cover on my IB pool.

    Dont leave the solar cover on. Also those covers that you see to aid the mesh cover are a joke. I tried it, and it doesnt work.

    We have heavy snow here and I actually use a broom to pull off a bunch of the weight from the winter. Attached is a pic of last year to give you an idea of how much snow we got.

    Either way, upon opening the pool, you will need to vacuum anyway on waste so it really doesnt matter too much. As soon as I am done vacumming, I dump a bunch of bleach in the pool and then vacuum the pool again. Last year, my pool was crystal clear withing 36 hours. Even with all that snow seen in the pics below.

    Hope that helps. Later!
    Chad R.

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