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Thread: Algae and vaccuuming

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    Algae and vaccuuming

    I have read many of the posts about fighting algae. But there doesn't seem to be mention of vaccuuming the pool while fighting the algae. I read that I need to be brushing but should I be as focused on vaccuuming as the brushing? I have been fighting the algae for almost a month now.

    I am not quite sure of my "complete" levels yet. I do not have a good test kit...on my list to pick up after work today!

    Thanks for any assistance I can get.

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    Re: Algae and vaccuuming

    Welcome to TFP Shelley

    yes vacumming will help, also make sure your pump is running 24x7 while shocking... but more importantly you need to ensure you are shocking your pool properly...otherwise you are just fighting a losing battle.

    Have you read the pool school article on how to shock your pool?

    Also, if I were you, please go ahead and either order a TF100 test kit from (best value IMHO) or purchase a Taylor k2006 online. Chances are you will not find the Taylor k2006 kit at your local pool store. They are a little pricey, but with your size pool it is really needed and you will thank us later when you are saving money on chemicals that are just not needed.

    Then go ahead and post a full set of results.
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    Re: Algae and vaccuuming

    Thanks a ton. I will check those out and get one purchased today. I have the pump running 24x7 and have still been checking the FC, last night it was well over 8 and this morning there was nothing to show once again. So added more Vertex (a sodium hypochlorite 10% same thing as bleach). I will check it again tonight when I get home and probably end up having to add more. The pool wasn't quite so green this morning as last night so I hope I am making some improvement. I have just been using test strips all this time and after reading Pool School (and getting even more confused) I know I need to get a good test kit and that will be the secret to a great pool! Thanks again for your help. Hopefully next year will be better.

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    Re: Algae and vaccuuming

    Welcome to TFP Shelley!

    FC 8 may be way too low depending on your CYA level. If you are using pool store chemicals (particularly trichlor pucks) you may have a high CYA rendering FC 8ppm fairly ineffective. If I recall some of the Aquacheck test strips commonly found in pool stores and Walmart can measure CYA (roughly). For example I've got 70 ppm CYA in my pool so my shock level is 28 ppm FC! Look up the proper shock target in Chlorine /CYA chart in the TFP pool school once you can test for CYA. Frequent testing is the key to getting success.

    ...And with that I'll get back to posting my ongoing battle with cloudy water. I've read a lot on these forums for hours on end, but that doesn't mean I know enough (or do enough ) to solve my own problems .
    Thanks! ZephanS
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    Re: Algae and vaccuuming

    Quote Originally Posted by xsmith95
    So added more Vertex (a sodium hypochlorite 10% same thing as bleach).
    Where are you getting this product and how much is it?

    amoses (Aaron)
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